October 30, 2008

Breathe deeper, deeper.

got back our progress report today. E E U S C.
felt lucky, but like a failure too once again. felt lucky that i'm promoted, somehow i'm always lucky when it comes to crucial matters. felt damn stupid because i used to get A1 for maths and chem. yes chem. i'm now like getting 25/100, lowest in class. yes yes, from an A1 student in sec sch. tsk, i need help seriously.. my foundation is, crap. i'm nowhere near the answers, because er i leave blanks for almost everything, not because i have no time, but i'm just dumb like just dumb! i dont even understand what the shit chem is now. quoted from the remarks given: "in addition, she needs to place a lot more attention in chemistry." actually main point is that i have no interest in chem at all already. anyone willing to help me? anyone...? desperately needs a lot of help.............

back to the progress report. it appeared on the progress sheet that i skipped school 13days w/o valid reason this semester. hahah! er i misplaced my progress report for the first semester, but i remembered i skipped more than 10 days too. no wonder my conduct on my progress report is like, erm, a... fair. hahah! first time in my life please.

October 29, 2008

I made an awkward bow.

great, i'm down with mild fever now. that's an addition to my flu and cough. hate to be sick.
last day of school today, but we still got to report to school tmr for op dry run. hmm, i just cant wait for the actual day, but for now, just please let me regain my voice. seriously, i wonder how am i gonna present tomorrow, i cant even project my voice. skipped gsc as usual today, erm and today's the last lesson before gsc a lvl examination. goodfriend's very nice, she tried to persuade me to go for lesson, but sorry goodfriend.. once i decided on smth, would be quite hard for me to change my mind..

met up with weijie in the afternoon! he's damn nice to get me a bottle of this very bitter herbal tea from cheenatown! thankssss again *inserts smiley*. haha i dont know i thanked him for how many times already. told him something damn embarrassing. seriously, i haven got over it, arghhhh. anw, went to visit my mum at work, and i wanted to do some stuff. ended up sleeping for about two and a half hours, played poker online, then dad fetched me home.

October 17, 2008

Slow it down, Make it stop. Or else my heart is going to pop.

i saw a cockroach in school today! ohmygod.
so i pulled goodfren away, then this uncle walked towards the cockroach and kicked it. WOW as if it's a soccer-croach, haha nice and the cockroach flew, landed on the ground, went into a state of coma, and eventually deceased..!! hiphiphurray uncle saved the day. wait, or did it escaped?

oh and today, in the CC, after attempting the MRL quiz, i folded my paper into a paper aeroplane, called ma and wanted to fly my paper aeroplane to her. who knows, my aeroplane could actually glide?! and it u-turned when reaching ma, then flew all the way to s19, and to ye mei xiu! omg fuck. hit her and landed in front of her. so the s29 people sitting behind me, were like, this girl gg already. dude, if you dont know, ye mei xiu's one discipline comm teacher. so as expected, she stood up, took my plane and walked towards the back of the CC and looked around with that pair of 'you're going to die' eyes. i stood up and went to her, ohyeah i'm pretty honest :) i admitted that i'm the owner of SQ0zn.
but i was so scared can, thought gg already, since my previous encounters with her isnt pleasant at all. so she went, " oh darling why the fuck did you throw this! across the cc? who are you throwing to?! what do you think you're doing?!?!" something along that line, minus why the fuck. i swear i dislike that pair of eyes of hers, the eyeshadow and the foundation she wear's so damn thick. oh well i apologised and everything, miraculously, she did not even scream or shout at me, she returned me my plane and that's it, what an encounter early in the morning.

October 14, 2008

Unbeing dead isn't being alive

skipped school today, couldnt wake up is the main reason actually... was so tired, woke and i fell back to sleep. woke up at like 10plus haha.

i ate 2 muffins, peas and sweets last afternoon and i conveniently threw all the wrappers and plastic bags into the bin in my room. i forgot to empty the bin even though i read wj's convo last night saying that he's gonna empty his bin. to my horror, okay ants invaded my room. so i spent part of my morning battling with the ants. ant killer in action!! apparently i won at first. But i saw the trial leading to the back of the switch and the electrical wires or i dont know what you call. i call it a draw for now. ants, you watch out.

need to start exercising!! i'm an elephant with small ears.
must get rid of those lovehandles but i dont know how because i love food and i'm just so lazy to exercise.