October 14, 2008

Unbeing dead isn't being alive

skipped school today, couldnt wake up is the main reason actually... was so tired, woke and i fell back to sleep. woke up at like 10plus haha.

i ate 2 muffins, peas and sweets last afternoon and i conveniently threw all the wrappers and plastic bags into the bin in my room. i forgot to empty the bin even though i read wj's convo last night saying that he's gonna empty his bin. to my horror, okay ants invaded my room. so i spent part of my morning battling with the ants. ant killer in action!! apparently i won at first. But i saw the trial leading to the back of the switch and the electrical wires or i dont know what you call. i call it a draw for now. ants, you watch out.

need to start exercising!! i'm an elephant with small ears.
must get rid of those lovehandles but i dont know how because i love food and i'm just so lazy to exercise.

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