October 29, 2008

I made an awkward bow.

great, i'm down with mild fever now. that's an addition to my flu and cough. hate to be sick.
last day of school today, but we still got to report to school tmr for op dry run. hmm, i just cant wait for the actual day, but for now, just please let me regain my voice. seriously, i wonder how am i gonna present tomorrow, i cant even project my voice. skipped gsc as usual today, erm and today's the last lesson before gsc a lvl examination. goodfriend's very nice, she tried to persuade me to go for lesson, but sorry goodfriend.. once i decided on smth, would be quite hard for me to change my mind..

met up with weijie in the afternoon! he's damn nice to get me a bottle of this very bitter herbal tea from cheenatown! thankssss again *inserts smiley*. haha i dont know i thanked him for how many times already. told him something damn embarrassing. seriously, i haven got over it, arghhhh. anw, went to visit my mum at work, and i wanted to do some stuff. ended up sleeping for about two and a half hours, played poker online, then dad fetched me home.

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