October 30, 2008

Breathe deeper, deeper.

got back our progress report today. E E U S C.
felt lucky, but like a failure too once again. felt lucky that i'm promoted, somehow i'm always lucky when it comes to crucial matters. felt damn stupid because i used to get A1 for maths and chem. yes chem. i'm now like getting 25/100, lowest in class. yes yes, from an A1 student in sec sch. tsk, i need help seriously.. my foundation is, crap. i'm nowhere near the answers, because er i leave blanks for almost everything, not because i have no time, but i'm just dumb like just dumb! i dont even understand what the shit chem is now. quoted from the remarks given: "in addition, she needs to place a lot more attention in chemistry." actually main point is that i have no interest in chem at all already. anyone willing to help me? anyone...? desperately needs a lot of help.............

back to the progress report. it appeared on the progress sheet that i skipped school 13days w/o valid reason this semester. hahah! er i misplaced my progress report for the first semester, but i remembered i skipped more than 10 days too. no wonder my conduct on my progress report is like, erm, a... fair. hahah! first time in my life please.

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