November 27, 2008

My mouth forfeits my words.

i detest people who lie.

anyway, i need someone to remind me to study after week one of december. i'm giving myself way more time to slack yup. all of my friends have started revising for next year already, wowsome bunch.. but this is scaring me, much. okay. but who am i to comment anything.
btw, i've not gotten any reminder from anyone that i should be studying, hmm so i was thinking.. er but why should i get reminders from them, aint i supposed to be the one reminding myself? quote, you have to depend on yourself zn, not anyone but yourself. but i'm someone who doesnt have self discipline at all please, okay maybe thats why i'm different from the rest, i'm unique like that yay! damn.. this ish sho sadzxzssxz zn yooo miserable soul~~
so i was reading my previous post..
hmm i just did my nails! :DD

forget it. i said, i'm not going to touch my books at all until december and i mean it. eh, no, i actually did touched schstuff a few days back. some lala sch mags and my gsc materials. so i separated them from my pile of schshitz and im going to bring them to the recycling bin! yay! i should've joined the environment club no.

mum kept asking me to stop eating just now :/ sorry mum, your daughter here just cant control herself, the tidbits and snacks you bought are just so tempting, i couldnt help it. sorry for wasting your money on buying me food and more food.. mum bought super a lot of tidbits, mainly peas, peas' snacks, peanuts, prawn crackers, cheese/greentea crackers, and butter cookies. to my horror, i finished almost everything while watching the teevee, leaving only some peanuts..? wth omg i didnt realise.. but i realise that mum likes to buy snacks i lovezzz. hmm and i still made her cook beehoon for me an hour after all the snacks, and she did. dad went out to buy charsiew(my fave) bread for brekkie next day and also because i might get hungry at night, and i just ate one lol..

what's wrong with me manz. i wonder, wonder. wonder..
it's not as if i'm thin, i'm like directly opposite!
wts okay this is scaring me..

i hate myself, i seem to potray myself as antisocial?!
nobody's fault but mine.
okay birthday wish number one, must make myself approachable..

November 17, 2008

Stomp is being a bitch to post up things that are totally fine.

so recently, stompers have been putting up other stuff to ruin all jcs reputation. the acjc one has no doubt, crossed the line. guessed everyone are aware of it from the news articles and all. last saturday, a stomper posted this article of some sa ruggers, celebrating the birthday of their team mate. today, another article of sa students is posted on the site, this time round, showing a group of guys doing 'taupok'?!

some people might think that maybe the sa birthday celebration was a bit too much too? but hellooo the taupok incident is merely about some students having fun, i dont see why stomper have to make a big fuss over it. nobody gets hurt too right! who did or had the taupok treatment before? countless! so what's the big deal? and erm the video of the ruggers, it may appear a bit too violent, but im sure they knows their limits and all? it is just a birthday celebration between goodfriends, and the birthday boy himself is willing. just to defend sa, zz i've read about the comments there and seriously, i think it's gonna ruin the sch's reputation somehow. i'm just really angry when people starts speaking ill of my school without getting the facts right. it's just.. a little bit of physical contact and not how the title sounds like, 'student's genitals slammed against pole'. read the comment posted by the guy in the picture please, before judging the school and how our culture is like. stompers are exaggerating the whole incident, so people stop believing the one sided stories. the acjc incident on the other hand very different from this one, but this thread has actually garnered as much backlash..

November 15, 2008

You dug your grave, you cant get out.


i want to be a hunter! but jm says i got to find my prey(s) first, which is very true :(
two more days to holidayz and i am anticipating! please call me i wanna go out.

happy birthday wenshit!
you'll make a good homemaker with lots of babies in the future, hahaha but please dont make babies too fast okay. so sorry we cant celebrate this special day with youuuuu, but okay we know you also dont wanna spare this day for us, hee and we also wont want to ask you out today lar. have fun with your beeeeeeee and we shall go picnic next week with no geeassshee as a burden already. yay to picnic yay

November 03, 2008


procrastination is so my forte.

November 02, 2008

Bright lights, boy, look around you .

cip. was ushering for the two shows, interesting. but i'm the slackest. i was walking around waving to kids, er and i was on the second level. so what i did was just to direct the parents where they should be seated. when they asked me where the restroom is, all i do is just to say, 'downstairs' LOL second show, i was literally one of the audience, sitting down comfortably. dont like to direct the traffic, but i thought pammy enjoyed her role much. ohyar, i didnt remove my nail polish, i the usher, had red nails. vice principal talked to me, so i hid my hand behind, ha. the kids are so kewwwwwwt. especially the pre nursery ones, awww i want all of them home!! hello wenshit it's a pity that you didnt come, if you did i think you gonna make babies right after that HAHA. okay the kindergarten ones are damn cute too please.

kiddo sean here is damn cute and handsome ttm.
*goodfrenz said to remove this line, so i removed*

anw goodfrenz, minz and cords are officially obsessed with little sean.
was amazed by how supportive the kiddos parents are, all of them. can easily feel their joy and all for their kids, see how proud they are of their kids. i can never see such scene or feel the strong supportive force elsewhere..