November 02, 2008

Bright lights, boy, look around you .

cip. was ushering for the two shows, interesting. but i'm the slackest. i was walking around waving to kids, er and i was on the second level. so what i did was just to direct the parents where they should be seated. when they asked me where the restroom is, all i do is just to say, 'downstairs' LOL second show, i was literally one of the audience, sitting down comfortably. dont like to direct the traffic, but i thought pammy enjoyed her role much. ohyar, i didnt remove my nail polish, i the usher, had red nails. vice principal talked to me, so i hid my hand behind, ha. the kids are so kewwwwwwt. especially the pre nursery ones, awww i want all of them home!! hello wenshit it's a pity that you didnt come, if you did i think you gonna make babies right after that HAHA. okay the kindergarten ones are damn cute too please.

kiddo sean here is damn cute and handsome ttm.
*goodfrenz said to remove this line, so i removed*

anw goodfrenz, minz and cords are officially obsessed with little sean.
was amazed by how supportive the kiddos parents are, all of them. can easily feel their joy and all for their kids, see how proud they are of their kids. i can never see such scene or feel the strong supportive force elsewhere..

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