November 17, 2008

Stomp is being a bitch to post up things that are totally fine.

so recently, stompers have been putting up other stuff to ruin all jcs reputation. the acjc one has no doubt, crossed the line. guessed everyone are aware of it from the news articles and all. last saturday, a stomper posted this article of some sa ruggers, celebrating the birthday of their team mate. today, another article of sa students is posted on the site, this time round, showing a group of guys doing 'taupok'?!

some people might think that maybe the sa birthday celebration was a bit too much too? but hellooo the taupok incident is merely about some students having fun, i dont see why stomper have to make a big fuss over it. nobody gets hurt too right! who did or had the taupok treatment before? countless! so what's the big deal? and erm the video of the ruggers, it may appear a bit too violent, but im sure they knows their limits and all? it is just a birthday celebration between goodfriends, and the birthday boy himself is willing. just to defend sa, zz i've read about the comments there and seriously, i think it's gonna ruin the sch's reputation somehow. i'm just really angry when people starts speaking ill of my school without getting the facts right. it's just.. a little bit of physical contact and not how the title sounds like, 'student's genitals slammed against pole'. read the comment posted by the guy in the picture please, before judging the school and how our culture is like. stompers are exaggerating the whole incident, so people stop believing the one sided stories. the acjc incident on the other hand very different from this one, but this thread has actually garnered as much backlash..

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