December 11, 2008

Some kind of magic.

here is what i ate just now when i got back home,
bread with kaya & butter spread.
3 small packets of garlic greenpeas
1 packet oheya tidbits (yay frm sishood!)
4 packets of my fave greenpea snack, not the peas. one packet is actually quite a lot..
1 normal size packet of cheese flavoured nachos..

noooooo, wth and i got back home after 9!
and today's outing with sishood was supposedly healthy food day.
sishood brought tomyam noodles, healthy sandwiches, potato salad, lots of fruits and fruit juice! everything was so healthy and so tasty!! and ohymyshit what did i eat just now after i come home. told myself not to touch the tidbits until tomorrow.. but wts i ate one packet of peas, then..... okay and more and more and more and more and more. i am velly sad now :( :( i shouldnt even have touched anything except for the bread.
why i keep eating one ah, when i'm already some er fat sack of fat!
sigh.. i'm just angry with myself for not being able to control on the amt of junk i consume. mum, can you please stop buying me peas? ohmygod what did i say.

i hereby swear i will not touch tidbits for.. 3 days for now.

i swear i didnt edit this picture. everything's so red ard me and all, so that explains.

okay anyway, today was fun!!
saw many familiar faces on the streets, and i bumped into norman too! hah but most of all, i received my first ever bouquet of flowers in my whole entire life. seriously.
haha pathetic right, but aiyar anyhow, thankyou sishood:D:D i think they knew that i wanted flowers so badly. aiyar i love you all! thankyou for the picnic today even though it rained but it was fun because we found shelther, presents, and haha for accommodating me sial everybody wore red!
will update again after i've gotten pictures from the two shits plus goodfriend. i gave my camera a break from taking pictures outside today. hope you've rested well enough, and serve me better this weekend.

i shall go eat myself now. i really hate myself sometimes, arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh okay in my face.

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