December 13, 2008

Why do you race through my red lights?

i found the ultimate antkiller.
so as usual, i'm still up at some ungodly hour. went to the kitchen... and to my horror, i saw not one, but a few ant trials and those ants are like super black and big, compared to the usual ones i encountered at home. sigh my house is full of ants, tmd. i cant use my way of killing ants (using scotch tape and tape them all up wahaha), neither could i use the powder method, they are crawling on the walls! so i went to seek help, and my sis came to my rescue. she killed the ants from a distance manz, sprayed baygon on the wall and the ants, one by one fell off the wall and laid dead on the floor. woohoo! i love to see ants, dead :)

belated bday celebration with sishood on thursday. so yeah, i mentioned earlier, we headed to botanic gdns for our picnic! i was late, because i got lost and goodfren, it isnt because you wasnt with me k, so dont think too much lol. took some bus and ended up at the terminal station, in the end i took a cab down. and how could they start off without me right, tsk hungry ghost sial everyone. anyway i adore that two pictures above, dont they look so nice together.

quite sad that we wasnt able to have our picnic on the greengrassy areas, why did it rained! okay but thankfully we found a shelter. but aiyar, it would be nicer sitting down there enjoying the wind blowing right on our faces and making our hair messy, and taking tonnes of pictures with the pretty green colour around/behind us right. haha but anyhow, yeah we cant control the weather :(

thanks sishood for all the yummies! :DD will prepare for you all next time k, this time round i'm idling and contributed nothing to this picnic leh. okay we had the gift presentation ceremony, and the girls gave me this red colored box, heart shaped. and it holds so many red items! even the messages for me are written on red colored paper, really red to the extreme already. and i want to thank goodfriend especially for the red pencil case, she got it from aussie! thanks goodfriend's bestfriend for getting it!

i like this picture although my face looks weird here.
this is like the only picture that day which i dont look fat.. haaa.

they brought me to some flowerpowerpowder place. forced me to close my eyes someone, i'm afriad of the dark k, sobzx lol.

have no idea why mr banana is here too when celebrating with sishood lol!

hair is yay color.

headed to town after the rain subsided and guess what, we took neoprints.
my last neoprint was like, er how long ago. seriously i dont remember, i think it's in 06. gosh.. okay anw i dont have them with me yet, so yeah. oh and can you imagine we roamed around orchard er like an angmoh gang.....

fall out boy's live in sg's on 10th feb 09, and it's confirmed! coincides with their wordwide album launch. indoor stadium, tickets available on 16th dec. and opening band's heymonday! heymonday's awesome k, go cassadee! homecoming hoho.
okay, i have a fetish for female fronted bands..