January 31, 2009

Heart Shaped Coffin.

cut off point for sajc this year is 8 for science and 9 for arts.
well people are getting smarter and smarter down the years.

gotten back some msa results.
1/30 for chem msa yo. i'm fucking happy because i'm down for remedials. omgodzilla there's hope for me already.

launch for the milo-moe tryathlon today. press conference held at sajc, i heard milo-emoing instead of milo-moe, lol am so cute. it was quite fun? we ran a bit. had free milo, subway cookies and free sandwiches. thought the tryathlon was quite interesting since no timing and ranking will be taken down, which means i will not embarrass myself right, cool.

my hair is so flat these days, makes my face even rounder.

oh and happy birthday _____!!!!!!!!

okay and j1s are coming in next week.............
i dont hate the j1s, those who deserves to come in to sa, should.
but... i secretly wished that there's only one cohort in school, like now, we're like dominating the school. kinda love the school environment now, love the feeling where we can enjoy the luxury of space, short queues and sufficient table and seats during breaks, school being peaceful, quiet and nice, familiar faces all around the school, having a homeroom which only we useeeeee it, and i dont have to leave house so early since there's enough space on the bus now. now i know why the j2s last year disliked us so much :( bye to short queues and ample seats. bye to peace. bye to total ownage of the school. bye to easier view of my sun? haha.
i'm looking forward to see pretty girls though.

January 27, 2009

happy chinese new year.

so people said that we look alike... yes?

goodies and everything i cooked..

lol guess their age.

sis and boyfriend.


my eldest nephew is so handsome... ohlove <3>

ohmy, my nephews! the eldest one is so so so handsome, omg i loveeee hah and the other two? so cute omg.

here comes charmaine baby, wei en~~

i lubzxz euuzxxz! wei en baby's so cute cute cute cute cute!!!
but sad thing yo, she can only recognise my sis?!

to tom, dick and harry: DONT give remarks that are unnecessary or redundant like er you know what the reply is like, i find it pointless to entertain stuff like that, such a waste of my energy to reply totally, so please just keep comments to yourself, kthx.

anyway to be frank, i didnt really enjoy myself today..
except for looking at cuties and handsomez, helping my mom and the cooking part?

my day was spent cooking and eating and cooking and eating and cooking and eating and eating and eating and eating and eating and eating and eating. i cooked like everything except the currychicken(mom) . hi i'm chef ng, call me chef. lol.

pretty amazed how elastic my stomach is today, it stretched like so much upon force. good thing yo so i ate like seven proper meals today and i never stop eating fried food and tidbits. no point to exaggerate here, so i did not. cny always makes me gain say about 2kgs at the end of the third day but i dont really care since i really cant resist the feast and tidbits, we dont usually cook so much on normal days and i wont allow myself to feast like seven meals a day either, plus i cant find tidbits like that on any other normal days.



cny celebration in sajc last friday. i missed it last year cuz i went back to ctss. phew i didnt miss it this time round, probably the more enjoyable celebrations i've had in schools. the class deco thingy was quite fun? i was doing nothing but taking pictures haha evonnie kept saying that i should make myself useful lol. the whole class wore red! like a sea of red or er okay better desciptions? are we the only class? k red is a nice color totally. oh i wore the same red tee which i wore on huito's two days ago hahahh, i don't have any more red tees mah :( hintz. visiting homerooms' fun i would say, but whyy~~ okay nevermind haha. i brought this seaweed snack and it was wiped clean! liting crowned miss joke of the day like seriously she's damn funny. performance was whoa wahlau why no one asked me to sing lol. k i thought that sa dance society's like damn awesome especially the hiphop one, wowsome. in other words, we cant afford to miss rapture this year.

ps: thanks sihui for the yums you made for me!

January 26, 2009


maybe i'm weird but i hate it, i hate it when people raved about how nice or how yummy some food is when they eat like what? less than a mouthful? i hate it when people eat like damn little on special occasions like birthdays or k i mean new year now, because they want to lose weight or maintain weight like wtf is your problem. it's someone's bday/new year cant you just eat like more or normal and like k everybody enjoys eating together, and you can(if you want) exercise later mans seriously? k i'm weird to hate people like that. er well i dont hate... i mean i really dont hate, but it's just so irritating isn't it? especially thinspo are talking to you about fats.
just go feed yourself manz.

January 23, 2009

Now that you know...

happy 18th birthday huitototo :]

love the hair color but my mom bought black dye for me already... :(

it's fun lying to her the part about her prez, especially because she's so gullible for the first time. bought her a cny card instead of a birthday card, kudos to us we have creative braincells. i rushed down to meet the girls after sports club, huito was late cuz her friends were celebrating with her in school. so over the phone i kept huhing haha, and told her that we've reached like damn early, say 6? it was 7 and i'm like still on the bus actually. birthday girl reached at like 8plus, plans did not really go how we planned but we're creative kids so we know how to change k haha. improvised the plan a little, blindfolded her using my tie. quoted jm, my tie stinks. hahah but true enough since i dumped it in my bag, with the dirty and stinko clothes i wore during pe and pt(3.2 crazy), and er i haven wash the tie since last feb07. HMM okay hahaha!

brought her to cck park. huito's damn smart, okay that's also because cck/ccknorth is her area, and hence by right she should know it well bah. k jm was mean, she kept asking her to be careful this and that like there's a big stone in front, or watch out for this and that, when there is actually nothing in front hahaa, a cute and funny scene manz seeing her really taking big steps forward like lifting her feet up and things like that. we led her to the playground, made her stand on the spinning thing, er i have no idea what it's called but anyway, i think she went dizzy haha we kept spinning. led her down and loosen the tie, and tada we presented her the birthday cake, oh and one of huito's bday wishes is that erm us to get a bf soon lol! the four of us ended up chasing each other around, stupid huitozzz hahaa.

photo taking sessions and i realised my face's damn classic in a lot of pictures. k don't ruin my image k i'm not posting unglam pictures today hahaha. we had dinner at the malay restaurant, rasa istimewa. good food, good price! we paid like less than ten bucks each.
we surprised her with the present we've gotten for her just before we parted, heee her smile damn wide okay haha, can see how happy she is yay.
i'm so happy that everything turned out great even though it was all last minute plans since we're really busy sorry about that huito! we're really happy to see you enjoying yourself so much in nj, nj bball and meeting so many nice friends! lol although sometimes we're quite zz about your bball timing and blah haha. hee i know you enjoyed your wonderful day with us okay, we are the best lar yay.

i got caught for my hair and my skirt that day. i sprayed my hair black, no one except vp noticed, hmmm so i conclude that she must have perfect eyesight. anyway my skirt, it's far beyond short like wtf i have no idea why i was caught for my skirt because mine was less than 5cm from the top of my knee k. so i was told to lengthen my skirt and go for checking again today.
so this morning saw me outside the cc, and obviously i passed my hair (i woke up so early to spray?), and my skirt was okay too. but know what? this time round they said, there isn't any signs of alteration, so this isnt the skirt that i wore yesterday, which means that i will continue wearing the other skirt after the checking, so i will have to bring both skirts next wed after cny for checking. WTFAYO totally.
okay yay.

i'm going to top the class from bottom once again for chemistry since i left 27/30 worth of questions blank. damn boring seriously, i wasted like 45minutes of my life sitting in the lecture room that day doing nothing but....doodling? not even drawing. damn crazy, everyone around me's writing so long an answer, like essay like that wtf zn?

er most probably i'll score a perfect score of 0/30 since chongster announced that there are people geting zeroes for this msa. i hope that chongster will scold me till i cry mansss, he probably wouldn't care at all, he must be thinking that since i have already given up, what for helping me if i don't want to myself? i need someone to talk sense to me, like seriously. i mean, i dont need useless comments? i need someone to wake me up! well but like c'mon it's just msa. fuck my mentality.
i was so irritated by idk what during chem lecture today, irked like what i didn't realise i was actually penning down notes with font of size 64 rather than size 14? hm, the whole class and actually the whole cohort's supposedly at chapter ten now, but me? i am still stucked at chapter two, isomerism. resorted to copying answers for chem tutorial from my friends today....
i'm hopeless already.

visiting homerooms..
sounds fun! ;]

January 22, 2009

Reality tastes like........bread.

i love kueh bangkit, i love kueh kapit, i love loveletters, i love jiu hoo char, i love pineapple tarts, i love bak kwas, i love kueh lapis, i love lapis with prunes, i love kueh bahru, i love kueh rose, i love almond cookies, i love green pea cookies, i love peanut cookies, i love sugee cashew cookies, i love almond sticks, i love pistachio cookies, i love honey flakes~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
i love cny(definitely not as a whole), but i really love cny goodies and yums. that's something i really look forward to, not forgetting the few days of break.

but wtf school reopens on wednesday?!

January 18, 2009

Like you have your life planned out back home.

so yesterday, i dumped 27 pages of handwritten organicchem notes which i did before promos, it wasn't completed cuz i gave up halfway and decided to do math all the way.
those notes got me a U, there's no reason why i should keep them at all.
so byebye chemmie.

gp tmr? good point, good plan, glass pipe, grand pa, er good poop (lol), gay pride, giant penis?
k seriously, can think abt so many shits other than general paper -.-

When anger rises, think of the consequences.

January 16, 2009

I will not let u down.

received the chem worksheet's answer sheet (email) from dutt, and i couldn't agree more with the title:
open if you agree that mr chong has taught you more in one day than what you learnt the whole of last year [Chemistry]‏

chongster's good, however, i still don't understand any single crap of what is chem about.. i'll try, i'll try... :( k miserable at best.

haven been updating frequently like how i used to, i've nothing much to blog about. i will never meet my goals which i set earlier this month for the whole year, i wrote that i'm gonna take self potrait of myself everyday. i thought that was a good idea? don't you agree! i think there's a need to observe and study your face everyday. you'll never know that your nose might appear sharper one fine day, or you might have bigger eyes? maybe sexier lips....or even those dreadful pimpleZZZ?! sigh but mission failed. life now is just, school, school, food, msa, sleep, how much i dislike some teachers, and how unhappy and disappointed i am with myself. pretty boring.

oh i bought a top from bugis, M sized, and i can't fit into it. it's too small for me. wtf i grew like horizontally.

first week of school just zoooooooooomed past like that, wow.
back to school, yay s28 sishood, new timetable, new gp/chem/pe teachers, some maths relieve teacher and i really don't like her, love our homeroom although it's situated right at the top floor which means we got to climb a lot of stairs this year, c block ftw, proper meals in school, fruit juice or papaya milk everyday, ugly fringe the whole week, pe and panted like some dog because i havent exercise for more than four months which is shit totally, can't even do one single pull up which really is a disgrace, took h&w and once again got irritated, first cca session and pt won me, sajc openhouse, first msa paper today... three more subjects/four more papers to go.
then it's cny! hmm you can just cancel off that exclamation mark actually.

kept laughing this week, wowsome cuz everyone's turning joker already damn idoit. but too, i got irritated so easily this week too. wtf school is not treating me good at all, and i can just die someday you'll never know, i'll jump down from the jacob ballas bridge and feed myself to the fishes er. maybe i can learn how to swim there. f but i just gets so frustrated with myself everytime there's gp and chem tutorial, like wtf am i here in class? when i know shit about both subjects? why do i hate those two so much? so you think i am supposed to help myself? hello zn you're the dumbest shit in class, first from the bottom for gp and chem, well done!!! k after this week, i'm sure i'm gonna hate myself even more because of pe. am already so big sized wtf can't even fit into m size, why aren't i fit at least?

January 14, 2009

Have you ever heard a beating heart?

firstly, happy birthday cessssss! :]
the first to turn 18 in s28, and yesss you are very pretty w/o specs!

sajc openhouse today, wow to the number of people who came for the openhouse :O
i still can't accept the fact that i'm a j2 student now, do i actually look like one? okay now, the college is filled with just the j2s, and i kinda like it, hello familiar faces and we don't have to queue up with another cohort, the school now belongs to us, us, us. lol
oh the indian stall vendor finally returned (like how superman returns), but he flew back from india.

say hello to mr chay, best pe class's new pe teacher. dan ho and desmond ng are no longer in sa, rumours are saying that it's lemon baker yum or living beyond yourself again.

my hair color now, under the sun.
hee i like that red in picture two, at the right side.
hair check next week.

cx: do you know what is PRC?
ws: permanent residents of china?

L O L.
hello wenshit, PRC stands for people's republic of china HAHA

January 10, 2009

Calendar Marks.

chinese red wine chicken mee suaaaa is damn yumyumtastic, the third best mee sua i've ever eaten till date seriously (since the first and second place goes to mummy and aunt) woooa i mean, i didnt know there's actually nice mee sua sold outside k till today. purchased new year stuff and goodies. $.$ round one lol. but hey wow i really love the supermarket; comparing prices and brands and all, looking for canned food all those new year stuff, tibdits, wet items like fish prawns blah, even greeting other aunties and joined discussion on how the price of the prawns now, all kinds of shit. ohmy, i'm turning into an auntie.........................
no way k... :( but i love the supermarket that's for real. just look at all the different brands and packaging, love it. umm suddenly remembered that's called product differentiation.. oh well.

my mum permed her hair :O

k and school's gonna reopen this coming monday, none of my hmwk are completed, although there's only one set of worksheet for 2 subjects as homework. haha. but seriously? it's damn disgusting to give us hmwk during our break. so i guess the teachers wont expect much from us too. i am so so so so not prepared. have been sleeping at 3, 4am, waking at like in the late morning or even afternoon. how am i suppose to wake at like 6am..?
goodluck to those getting o's results!

January 08, 2009

Stop. Chase here into the dark. With such grace, it's never been this hard. I've never fallen, I've never fallen faster.

er doing those dreadful homeworks supposedly, turning on the com logging on to moodle(WOW) to look for answers if there is any supposedly, but i decided to do my dailies first and i saw button accessories's tutorials! made a button bracelet like in fifteen minutes, and it looks... quite awful hmm. anw, first try so still quite okay?
i mean i did go to moodle to check out k, nothing much nothing new, just the timetable for week one and week two. no answers, no nothing. so tell me, how am i gonna complete maths homework!!! :( sorry for the bball face above.

"let's hit the town parade every avenue,
let's burn it down, forget all we ever knew.
free from these city lights,
undercover, out of sight and out of mind,
where i can give you all my time.
oh baby teach me something in ever knew,
like a diamond in the roof i'd shine for you.."

- death in the park

audrey kitching.
i love her hair so much. spent quite some time searching for these but i'm alright with it cuz i got to browse so many cool pictures in flickr. i'm like camping at flickr everyday? k the colours in the first picture, isn't it like so damn zn! hahaa. love these kinda make up.
k and i love the skirt in picture number two.

oh glory, oh glory.


browsed through some books in the library, and i found this book all about tee and transformation. both jm and i wanted to try this out, cuz it's pretty easy. you don't even have to sew, all you need is just..a pair scissors. but i can't find any nicer and fitting tee shirts that i don't really want already, so the print isn't nice.

sorry but i have humongous thighs,
flabby arms that doesn't even have a bit of muscles and a tummy which i cant hide with my clothes.. oh and my room is in a mess i know. my hair is in a disastrous state, yes i'm balding again. i mean i'm always balding. aww so much flaws :( but shhh k love you all.

have been seeing jm so often! i'm like gonna see her again this sat. don't miss my face so much k;
today's a remarkable day. why yes i finally started on my chemistry hmwk which everybody else has completed, well but i got stuck right at the first question. umm how do i even balance an ionic equation?
k while heading for lunch today, this middle aged guy approached us and told us he lost his wallet and needed two bucks to travel. he wanted to borrow some money from us. we didnt lend him the two bucks, but gave him instead. i wouldn't want an uncle with bloodshot eyes and tattoo all over the neck(umm does he have it on the body?) to come and look for me please.

happy birthday limei! :)
whoa another eighteenth.

January 05, 2009

Nobody wins when everyone's losing ,

" it's like one step forward and two steps back,
no matter what i do you're always mad,
and i, i can't change your mind.
it's like trying to turn around on a one way street,
i can't give you what you want,
and it's killing me,
and I, I'm starting to see.
maybe we're not meant to be. "
- theory of a dead man.

speak when you are angry, and you will make the best speech you will ever regret..