January 10, 2009

Calendar Marks.

chinese red wine chicken mee suaaaa is damn yumyumtastic, the third best mee sua i've ever eaten till date seriously (since the first and second place goes to mummy and aunt) woooa i mean, i didnt know there's actually nice mee sua sold outside k till today. purchased new year stuff and goodies. $.$ round one lol. but hey wow i really love the supermarket; comparing prices and brands and all, looking for canned food all those new year stuff, tibdits, wet items like fish prawns blah, even greeting other aunties and joined discussion on how the price of the prawns now, all kinds of shit. ohmy, i'm turning into an auntie.........................
no way k... :( but i love the supermarket that's for real. just look at all the different brands and packaging, love it. umm suddenly remembered that's called product differentiation.. oh well.

my mum permed her hair :O

k and school's gonna reopen this coming monday, none of my hmwk are completed, although there's only one set of worksheet for 2 subjects as homework. haha. but seriously? it's damn disgusting to give us hmwk during our break. so i guess the teachers wont expect much from us too. i am so so so so not prepared. have been sleeping at 3, 4am, waking at like in the late morning or even afternoon. how am i suppose to wake at like 6am..?
goodluck to those getting o's results!


yiqin; said...

I am thinking of getting hot pink extensions! But my school tutors keep saying it is not right for biz's students' image :/

penelope said...


zhengning said...

yiqin: pink extensions is really yum, haha well but i would prefer red extensions! probably after you finish ur poly course you can have those pink extensions!

penelope: yup yayness totally! love those goodies~

ladyironchef said...

haha haven eat mee sua for very long. u're making me hungry. :)

first time hear the word disgusting to describe that, but i think you are right. hahahaha

zhengning said...

haha mee sua's one of my fave simple dish, it's like easy to cook and it's nice :)
haha! i guess that's one appropriate word to describe hw, yes disgustingggg.