January 14, 2009

Have you ever heard a beating heart?

firstly, happy birthday cessssss! :]
the first to turn 18 in s28, and yesss you are very pretty w/o specs!

sajc openhouse today, wow to the number of people who came for the openhouse :O
i still can't accept the fact that i'm a j2 student now, do i actually look like one? okay now, the college is filled with just the j2s, and i kinda like it, hello familiar faces and we don't have to queue up with another cohort, the school now belongs to us, us, us. lol
oh the indian stall vendor finally returned (like how superman returns), but he flew back from india.

say hello to mr chay, best pe class's new pe teacher. dan ho and desmond ng are no longer in sa, rumours are saying that it's lemon baker yum or living beyond yourself again.

my hair color now, under the sun.
hee i like that red in picture two, at the right side.
hair check next week.

cx: do you know what is PRC?
ws: permanent residents of china?

L O L.
hello wenshit, PRC stands for people's republic of china HAHA


yiqin; said...

Wow. I have always wanted to go to SAJC but didn't have enough points! hahah I love the uniform!

zhengning said...

yiqin: haha yeah one of the reason i enter sa is cos of the uniform too? haha.