January 31, 2009

Heart Shaped Coffin.

cut off point for sajc this year is 8 for science and 9 for arts.
well people are getting smarter and smarter down the years.

gotten back some msa results.
1/30 for chem msa yo. i'm fucking happy because i'm down for remedials. omgodzilla there's hope for me already.

launch for the milo-moe tryathlon today. press conference held at sajc, i heard milo-emoing instead of milo-moe, lol am so cute. it was quite fun? we ran a bit. had free milo, subway cookies and free sandwiches. thought the tryathlon was quite interesting since no timing and ranking will be taken down, which means i will not embarrass myself right, cool.

my hair is so flat these days, makes my face even rounder.

oh and happy birthday _____!!!!!!!!

okay and j1s are coming in next week.............
i dont hate the j1s, those who deserves to come in to sa, should.
but... i secretly wished that there's only one cohort in school, like now, we're like dominating the school. kinda love the school environment now, love the feeling where we can enjoy the luxury of space, short queues and sufficient table and seats during breaks, school being peaceful, quiet and nice, familiar faces all around the school, having a homeroom which only we useeeeee it, and i dont have to leave house so early since there's enough space on the bus now. now i know why the j2s last year disliked us so much :( bye to short queues and ample seats. bye to peace. bye to total ownage of the school. bye to easier view of my sun? haha.
i'm looking forward to see pretty girls though.

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