January 16, 2009

I will not let u down.

received the chem worksheet's answer sheet (email) from dutt, and i couldn't agree more with the title:
open if you agree that mr chong has taught you more in one day than what you learnt the whole of last year [Chemistry]‏

chongster's good, however, i still don't understand any single crap of what is chem about.. i'll try, i'll try... :( k miserable at best.

haven been updating frequently like how i used to, i've nothing much to blog about. i will never meet my goals which i set earlier this month for the whole year, i wrote that i'm gonna take self potrait of myself everyday. i thought that was a good idea? don't you agree! i think there's a need to observe and study your face everyday. you'll never know that your nose might appear sharper one fine day, or you might have bigger eyes? maybe sexier lips....or even those dreadful pimpleZZZ?! sigh but mission failed. life now is just, school, school, food, msa, sleep, how much i dislike some teachers, and how unhappy and disappointed i am with myself. pretty boring.

oh i bought a top from bugis, M sized, and i can't fit into it. it's too small for me. wtf i grew like horizontally.

first week of school just zoooooooooomed past like that, wow.
back to school, yay s28 sishood, new timetable, new gp/chem/pe teachers, some maths relieve teacher and i really don't like her, love our homeroom although it's situated right at the top floor which means we got to climb a lot of stairs this year, c block ftw, proper meals in school, fruit juice or papaya milk everyday, ugly fringe the whole week, pe and panted like some dog because i havent exercise for more than four months which is shit totally, can't even do one single pull up which really is a disgrace, took h&w and once again got irritated, first cca session and pt won me, sajc openhouse, first msa paper today... three more subjects/four more papers to go.
then it's cny! hmm you can just cancel off that exclamation mark actually.

kept laughing this week, wowsome cuz everyone's turning joker already damn idoit. but too, i got irritated so easily this week too. wtf school is not treating me good at all, and i can just die someday you'll never know, i'll jump down from the jacob ballas bridge and feed myself to the fishes er. maybe i can learn how to swim there. f but i just gets so frustrated with myself everytime there's gp and chem tutorial, like wtf am i here in class? when i know shit about both subjects? why do i hate those two so much? so you think i am supposed to help myself? hello zn you're the dumbest shit in class, first from the bottom for gp and chem, well done!!! k after this week, i'm sure i'm gonna hate myself even more because of pe. am already so big sized wtf can't even fit into m size, why aren't i fit at least?

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