January 02, 2009

You're the voice I hear inside my head,

spent the very last moment of 08,
and the very first moment of 09,
with the three loves (L)(L)(L)

sajc pae, sajc jae, gained ridiculous amount of fats, ended my first r/s, went back to live with my parents, met sishood, chatted with jm almost everyday, lots of outings with jm, cj and hy!, got closer to weijie, met people having same birthdates as me, crazy over my real hot eyecandy, got 'FAIR' for the first time in my life on my report slip, skipped school for more than 20times w/o valid reasons, late for school with goodfriend and the craziest was 4 times a week, did not study and headed for common tests and gotten only 16rankpoints, suffered so much stress from all the last minute studying and worrying abt this and that during promos period, lowest in class for two subs for promos: gp and chemistry, endurance runs and selected for odac but backed out, got into council interview but backed out again, ate the most number of cupnoodles this year, went to many fleas, started accepting post hardcore and metalcore, started playing pool, went for rollerblading, got myself a basic iceskating cert, went for cosplay exhibition, planned and celebrated many birthdays, lots of stayovers, gained myself one more niece and one more nephew, went to mayday's and angels&airwaves concert, shisha for the first time, attended two weddings, fireworks!, dyed my hair blah,
what can i say about 08? i'm really very lucky, in general? lucky to have my friends with me, to bring joy and be there for me to be even though we're not in the same school anymore; lucky to get promoted even though i've got such a lousy results : attaining U for two H2 subjects?! crazy.
goodbye 2008.

cj's house always havin' lots of food, hee we love. first there's roasted beef, and then spaghetti for dinner, cooked by chef cj! too bad huyi, no spaghetti and no nyonya for huiyi :(
the girls came to stayover and mommy whipped a feast too!

okay here's a sum up of how i spent my firstday of 09!
joined the crowd at vivocity for countdown, a fight broke out.. cant see the performance but they sounded awful. night rider, and walked from cityhall to clarke quay. went gaga over angmohs as usual. no taxis/all taxis are on called or are hired/say no to taxi especially when you see that's er there's traffic congestion/people claiming that they saw the taxi first and got up even if you're the one who flagged and the taxi stopped right in front of you. stranded on the streets. met the funniest and chattiest taxi driver ever! he's like talking to us since we went in the car about everything and we really enjoyed talking to him. midnight cookies baking, bridge and more bridge, and dai di in between. karaoke party at 4/5am. slept at 7.43am. woke in the afternoon. watched two disney movies, camprock & another cinderella story. selgomez, demilovato's researches. huhuhu.
the girls wrote crappy 09 resolutions for me?!

can you see huiyi?

angmohs are real hot, doesnt matter if they're younger, older or...? hot, hot :O

we watched the remaining episodes of little nyonya at cj's on new year's eve. mobtv ftw! tri la leh la leh ba ba~~ tri la leh la leh nyonya~~ haha mr paul is so so so charming. i(we) love.
got to admit that i'm really obsessed with little nyonya. it's like everything we do and stuff, all revolves around the show. haha. started calling my mum nya, and conversations included stuff like chor chor, ma ma, tia, chek chek, tua ji. even playing poker cards and eating tidbits, can connect it to playing 'che ki' and eating 'bing lang'. okay bye yueniang.
and woww, i just did an online search, and found out that pierre png really is a peranakan, omg he is a baba! cool haha.

[edit] hey i just rmb!!

i wore peranakan costume on racial harmony day last year! [/edit]

okay byebyeonara!

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Anonymous said...

hey, for your info, kebaya actually belongs to the Malays and it originated from Arab even longer before the Malays existed(Malay race is one of the latest races in the world).

The Nyonya-kebaya is a copy of Malay/Indonesian kebaya which has been modified.

Proof: Balinese, Javanese, Malaysian have been wearing them for years. Before the Chinese came to Southeast Asia to claim Malay culture.

Please get the fact right. Stop believing the TV & medias without thinking. Thanks.