January 23, 2009

Now that you know...

happy 18th birthday huitototo :]

love the hair color but my mom bought black dye for me already... :(

it's fun lying to her the part about her prez, especially because she's so gullible for the first time. bought her a cny card instead of a birthday card, kudos to us we have creative braincells. i rushed down to meet the girls after sports club, huito was late cuz her friends were celebrating with her in school. so over the phone i kept huhing haha, and told her that we've reached like damn early, say 6? it was 7 and i'm like still on the bus actually. birthday girl reached at like 8plus, plans did not really go how we planned but we're creative kids so we know how to change k haha. improvised the plan a little, blindfolded her using my tie. quoted jm, my tie stinks. hahah but true enough since i dumped it in my bag, with the dirty and stinko clothes i wore during pe and pt(3.2 crazy), and er i haven wash the tie since last feb07. HMM okay hahaha!

brought her to cck park. huito's damn smart, okay that's also because cck/ccknorth is her area, and hence by right she should know it well bah. k jm was mean, she kept asking her to be careful this and that like there's a big stone in front, or watch out for this and that, when there is actually nothing in front hahaa, a cute and funny scene manz seeing her really taking big steps forward like lifting her feet up and things like that. we led her to the playground, made her stand on the spinning thing, er i have no idea what it's called but anyway, i think she went dizzy haha we kept spinning. led her down and loosen the tie, and tada we presented her the birthday cake, oh and one of huito's bday wishes is that erm us to get a bf soon lol! the four of us ended up chasing each other around, stupid huitozzz hahaa.

photo taking sessions and i realised my face's damn classic in a lot of pictures. k don't ruin my image k i'm not posting unglam pictures today hahaha. we had dinner at the malay restaurant, rasa istimewa. good food, good price! we paid like less than ten bucks each.
we surprised her with the present we've gotten for her just before we parted, heee her smile damn wide okay haha, can see how happy she is yay.
i'm so happy that everything turned out great even though it was all last minute plans since we're really busy sorry about that huito! we're really happy to see you enjoying yourself so much in nj, nj bball and meeting so many nice friends! lol although sometimes we're quite zz about your bball timing and blah haha. hee i know you enjoyed your wonderful day with us okay, we are the best lar yay.

i got caught for my hair and my skirt that day. i sprayed my hair black, no one except vp noticed, hmmm so i conclude that she must have perfect eyesight. anyway my skirt, it's far beyond short like wtf i have no idea why i was caught for my skirt because mine was less than 5cm from the top of my knee k. so i was told to lengthen my skirt and go for checking again today.
so this morning saw me outside the cc, and obviously i passed my hair (i woke up so early to spray?), and my skirt was okay too. but know what? this time round they said, there isn't any signs of alteration, so this isnt the skirt that i wore yesterday, which means that i will continue wearing the other skirt after the checking, so i will have to bring both skirts next wed after cny for checking. WTFAYO totally.
okay yay.

i'm going to top the class from bottom once again for chemistry since i left 27/30 worth of questions blank. damn boring seriously, i wasted like 45minutes of my life sitting in the lecture room that day doing nothing but....doodling? not even drawing. damn crazy, everyone around me's writing so long an answer, like essay like that wtf zn?

er most probably i'll score a perfect score of 0/30 since chongster announced that there are people geting zeroes for this msa. i hope that chongster will scold me till i cry mansss, he probably wouldn't care at all, he must be thinking that since i have already given up, what for helping me if i don't want to myself? i need someone to talk sense to me, like seriously. i mean, i dont need useless comments? i need someone to wake me up! well but like c'mon it's just msa. fuck my mentality.
i was so irritated by idk what during chem lecture today, irked like what i didn't realise i was actually penning down notes with font of size 64 rather than size 14? hm, the whole class and actually the whole cohort's supposedly at chapter ten now, but me? i am still stucked at chapter two, isomerism. resorted to copying answers for chem tutorial from my friends today....
i'm hopeless already.

visiting homerooms..
sounds fun! ;]

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