January 03, 2009

So now you want me to fix everything,

i thought i was quite evil and am a saddist to kill ants using scotch tape, or drop some food crumbs to attract them then kill them all in one go while they shift the crumbs back to their base. mom's the ultimate. she got her best friend, mrs vacuum cleaner, to help her. so she vacuumed the ants she could see, and er she vacuumed a cockroach..... ewwwww.and she's so proud of her act, she came in my room so happily just to tell me what she did. huhu?

oh and mom bought cashew nuts :] and she roasted them. heee, roasted cashew nut's my top 5 fave snacks k. cholesterol free, maintain healthy gums, rich in antioxidants, high amount of dietary fiber if eaten in moderation, eliminates free radicals that may cause cancer. la, so many health benefits. no i dont fancy cashew nuts that are sold outside. i only eat cashew nuts that's roasted by mom. nah no salt. i can finish like 250grams of cashew nuts by myself in one hour. i know, weight gain. 250g is about 8servings, and we're not to eat 3 servings of nuts per week if we want to maintain/lose weight?? lol. haha but i love cashew nuts k so i dont really care. they're just snacks anyway and i dont know how to control myself from these, my fave snack.

oh and anw i hit 5_kg once again. kudos to three/four proper meals a day (plus snacks in between)! and fuck, i'm only 156cm.
haha. haha.

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