January 08, 2009

Stop. Chase here into the dark. With such grace, it's never been this hard. I've never fallen, I've never fallen faster.

er doing those dreadful homeworks supposedly, turning on the com logging on to moodle(WOW) to look for answers if there is any supposedly, but i decided to do my dailies first and i saw button accessories's tutorials! made a button bracelet like in fifteen minutes, and it looks... quite awful hmm. anw, first try so still quite okay?
i mean i did go to moodle to check out k, nothing much nothing new, just the timetable for week one and week two. no answers, no nothing. so tell me, how am i gonna complete maths homework!!! :( sorry for the bball face above.

"let's hit the town parade every avenue,
let's burn it down, forget all we ever knew.
free from these city lights,
undercover, out of sight and out of mind,
where i can give you all my time.
oh baby teach me something in ever knew,
like a diamond in the roof i'd shine for you.."

- death in the park

audrey kitching.
i love her hair so much. spent quite some time searching for these but i'm alright with it cuz i got to browse so many cool pictures in flickr. i'm like camping at flickr everyday? k the colours in the first picture, isn't it like so damn zn! hahaa. love these kinda make up.
k and i love the skirt in picture number two.

oh glory, oh glory.


browsed through some books in the library, and i found this book all about tee and transformation. both jm and i wanted to try this out, cuz it's pretty easy. you don't even have to sew, all you need is just..a pair scissors. but i can't find any nicer and fitting tee shirts that i don't really want already, so the print isn't nice.

sorry but i have humongous thighs,
flabby arms that doesn't even have a bit of muscles and a tummy which i cant hide with my clothes.. oh and my room is in a mess i know. my hair is in a disastrous state, yes i'm balding again. i mean i'm always balding. aww so much flaws :( but shhh k love you all.

have been seeing jm so often! i'm like gonna see her again this sat. don't miss my face so much k;
today's a remarkable day. why yes i finally started on my chemistry hmwk which everybody else has completed, well but i got stuck right at the first question. umm how do i even balance an ionic equation?
k while heading for lunch today, this middle aged guy approached us and told us he lost his wallet and needed two bucks to travel. he wanted to borrow some money from us. we didnt lend him the two bucks, but gave him instead. i wouldn't want an uncle with bloodshot eyes and tattoo all over the neck(umm does he have it on the body?) to come and look for me please.

happy birthday limei! :)
whoa another eighteenth.


issa said...

awww kute DIYs!! i'm not very tall either so i think as long as you think you can pull it off you can!

zhengning said...

thank you! haha but you looked really amazing with that jumpsuit :]