February 27, 2009

A little clever, a little numb.

"if i fail my gp, will i still get into a university?"

local universities forum in school yesterday was...okay at least i finally know what's expected of us and things like that. frankly speaking, i'm somewhat worried. i took a look at all the courses available, and none of them are of my interest............yeah none. and the entry requirement is like, totally impossible for me to get into a university actually, just look at my current state. gp's such a fucktated shit. it's actually important, and weighs quite a lot. i'm like scoring the lowest in class now/in future. so okay i cant even be part of the 10percentile of those unpopular courses. it's competition, spell it. sigh the world's just so realistic, it's results that matters. lol and mother tongue is like, if you get an S, you'll still gonna get through it hahaa wahlau why arent i inclined in shakesphere's language, tell me. okayy but i strongly believe in miracle and i know we can all do it together yay. hey i'm just choosing to look at the brightside, please refrain from speaking to me about anything negative cos i'll just shut my ears. if, bolded, that i can enter a university, i shall choose NUS k, er i dont know what course should i take..

so you know, basically, i have no target to work towards to..

maybe i should seek help in the career guidance room in school haha joke of the day. k i'm just gonna stay in my la la land for now, i want to be in a rock band or be the you know headline girl, cover page hahahahahahahahaha okay just for laughz. maybe i'm a law student actually in time to come, haven release and showcase my full potential yet only. hahahahahaa joke of the century.

February 25, 2009

Another heart calls..

hee i saw rainbowsssss, yes not one, but two! so it's rainbowssss :) :)
it's damn big wow. a pity i cant really capture the second one, just try to spot it k.

poor image and skills yes i know, but that's not the point.
i absolutely love colors, although it's just somewhat optical illusion. still, i adore it much.
hey i made two wishes! wait, does it work at all? bree bree.

hmmm and i realised i've been drawing and coloring rainbows in the wrong way even though i've seen them a few times already. the inner one should be violet and the outer one's red... haha omgee i didnt know it until today, i've been doing the other way round.

This can't be the real world now,

self-proclaim break from school later, oh wow yes wenshit we can finally use our first parents' letter for this year, im excited. now that we can only use up to two parents' letter per term, we have to use it wisely...

block tests are approaching, time's pretty short. we should just try our best k, even if we cant cover everything this time round. it's impossible to cover everything by bt1 please fullstop nevermind people, shall stay calm, stay cool, dont shit your g-string haha so wear shades and go tanning! yay. okay but seriously, i need help.......... im slow like a slowpoke?!
okay sadshit, on a brighter note, i'll be getting my guitar tuner tomorrow most likely, and i can start learning guitar all over again!!

hey the new timetable stinks so much, i cant believe that we're still having lessons after 5pm like wtf yes it's reflected on our timetable. thankfully julia wee shifted it up a bit, a bit.
as much as i dislike the fucked up timetable, i still look forward to days like.... tues, even week! i've a perfect view lol.

February 22, 2009

Face down in the dirt!

got to remember that you're perfect,
even though you're flawed.

lol m&m'sz at the back.

met up with my three darlings on friday for dinner!! it's been a while.>
met up with 6a'03 on saturday, played wii till night, wii ftw! pictures later.
finally a decent chat with ying after so long, really. i'm really fortunate and grateful at the same time, thanks for being there everytime when i'm in need, thanks for being so motivating as always. happy 18th birthday to yoo woman! <3>

i had a weird dream while i was having my nap, a 5 hours nap. it all felt so real that i'm afraid i wont wake up again, it's not the first time. felt as if the everything came crashing down on me, i can't move at all even though my eyes were open. omgasm who the fuck still have nightmares at this age, gosh.

February 19, 2009

Heaven forbid, well aware of your sins.

in the wake i'll be just like the rest, past praying for.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
yeah i walked around the mall like that.

i love random days that keep me happy and laughing like shit ass, this week's pretty good so far, and i cant wait for more for the rest of the week, esp with days like meeting dearest jm, cj, hy, yingying and weijie! yay world please keep me happy!

firstly, happy unglam 18th birthday my auntyish goodfren!
i did smth small for her, i'm quite sweet lol.
we planned for her big day quite some time ago, touched?!! you may choose to go to tanwenshit's blog for a more detailed post, she posted lots of pictures yay. we came up with this mission abc plan, ambushingcixian plan. the girls came over to my house to prepare for her gifts, hanged out before surprising her at her doorstep at 12am. we were really excited cos it's our first time doing so, and there's still school tomorrow. but..... yes goodfren is more important!! it's like quite cool cos we actually went to school together for the first time :) although we were all late together, haha. the girls finally feel for us oh our 966.
oh yeah and do take a look at our color code that night, i love colors.

our initial plan didnt really work and i cant get to act out what i wanted to, cos goodfren's actually asleep. i cant act! haha but nevermind, spammed her phone and got hf's help to spam to, in the end we decided to just ring her doorbell and wake everyone up haha. we didnt want to but we had no choice, so.. sorry aunty and uncle! we didnt meant to disturb. we were quite disappointed at first, cos goodfren didnt had much reactions haha but we didnt blame her since she's too tired already, so goodfren please dont feel bad or anything really! and we can tell that goodfren enjoyed her day so much in school despite having 2.4km run and chem mock spa on her actual birthday hahahahahahax2,
we(sishood + s28) lubzXze euUz 4evAsszs! :)

our hands hahahahahahax2.

and in school, credits to s28 and especially venny!

that's chocolate, not sai.

evonnie sho kewlz

and happy birthday too to dearest charmaine baby!
she's such a QT pie! celebrated her first birthday on yes, val day.
i want a baby, hahahahahahaha. hinting wenshit indirectly.

so happy!! awwwwww.

February 18, 2009

on february 16,

delonge confirmed that blink-182 would be touring in "a big event" this summer. delonge went on to note that his commitments with angels & airaveswould be held off and they would release a new album coupled with a feature film in 2010. delonge stated that the new blink-182 record would be a fusion of all his previous works, including box car racer, blink-182, and angels & airwaves.

"hi. we're blink-182. this past week there've been a lot of questions about the current status of the band, and we wanted you to hear it straight from us. to put it simply, we're back. we mean, really back. we used to play music together, and we decided we're going to play music together again, picking up where we left off and then some. in the studio writing and recording a new album. preparing to tour the world yet again. friendships reformed. 17 years deep in our legacy. summer 2009. thanks and get ready."

February 13, 2009


oh hi i'm finally back, my com had some problems the other day. i was so angry at myself, and at i dont know what, but i started screaming and shouting, i just couldnt start my com. fed up, and i realised i really am too dependent on the com already, thats the result of switching on the com everyday right after i got back home and to only switched it off before i sleep. yay. i should've stayed cool. yo. i'm cool.

anyhow, i'm so thankful that the motherboard thingy isnt damaged, my files are still safe and sound! it's the power switch or some i dont know what IT shit that spoilt. got it repaired, so here i am blogging now. imagine, if my 8gb worth of pictures since sec4 and about coming 10gb worth of songs, say byebye to me just like that? i will cry. i dont have any back ups and i haven print any pictures since pae08? omgsplosion. phew.
time to start printing, zn.

today saw me writing esters as sweet smiling instead of sweet smelling, and wenshit writing esthers instead of esters during tutorial.. anyway, stuff to share, i signed up to be part of the life concert crew on wednesday, so initially, i'll be going for auditions today. and just this afternoon, i received a text message telling me that i'm not qualified for the auditions, reason being...i'm not a christian. yeah they told me so. oh how great. so i'm not a christian, does it mean that i'm deprived of singing christian songs or like what, participate and get involved? oh crap i dont understand. okay im not angry or whatsoever really, just that i'm clueless why is this so.

this week's friendship week. sa had the web of love thingy last year, and this year there's something similar. hanged messages, notes and confessions on the spider web thingy. some are really hilarious, i cant remember everything, i did took some pictures though. tan wenshit has a secret admirer! cool balls.. i want to find out who lar sounds fun. haha and jiachuan hot demand as usual.

helium balloons, pretty flowers, sweet treats and handmade gifts = sweetzzz.
end of friendshipweek eh.
oh and val's tomorrow.

so happy v day peapearl.
dont be sad if you're dateless, you're not alone :)

February 08, 2009

Moments Over Exaggerate,

with goodfriend's bestfriend, yilin!
k i shouldnt have go cut my fringe it's like damn ugly when i tie it up!! face damn round, hair damn screwed omgee, how to go to school tomorrow....

six to share, third one being my hp's wallpaper. wenshit thought i was preparing for halloween already.

1; heyyyyyyy i'm zheng.....ning......
2; hi i'm zhengning!! :) :)
3; ......... :(
4; hi i'm zhengning :D
5; er hi, i'm zhengning.
6; hiiee ii'm zH3n9niinG <3>

took like more than 30 pictures of myself. makes me think of gp... lol fuck

February 07, 2009

And I Will Pull The Trigger,

am i the only one who typed 'sajc orientation' on the google blogs search engine, and click on all the links that was shown updated within the last 12 hours? bet the j1s love sa like fuck now. i was so in love with sa too right after pae's orientation. everybody's so high, so friendly and all, kind of missed it. those were the days. well, no point reminiscing too? what's over is over. at least i had fun. and just this week, i already spotted two j1s carrying the same bag as i am. spells horror.

i guess the only thing i like about going for a haircut is that i'll be charged at secondary sch student rate.. i still think that i look better with my hair covering one of my eye. maybe i was a pirate?

this week wasnt totally meaningless i guess although i didnt really manage to sit down and start studying. like for instance, yesterday, i wanted to study in school, and it turned out that i did like 2 math questions? in what? 5 hours?
when you're bored during break time, draw.

lol no wonder i cant take arts as a subject.

mom told me a rather shocking news last night. this young and capable guy, he's 17, my mom's boss or colleague's son, was involved in this car accident in penang. i wasnt sure or maybe i dont rememeber anything cos i was really young, my mom said that he came to sg and was my sis and my playmate when we were young. four in the car, and he's the only one who survived, the other three died immediately. but sadly, he lost both his legs, and one of his arms... he was actually there for some business trip celebration cos he just clinched a deal or something... i hope he'll not die....

i managed to see your true colours, finally. dont you think that humans in general are so scary? you'll never know if the smile they wear everyday is true or fake. just go around, judge, and talk as much as you want behind /our/ backs, oh pathetic one. so what now?
not angry at all. not even intending to give up sixty seconds of peace of mind.

February 05, 2009

Worthless, hopeless, sick.


fabsolute shit. fave song currently.

chongster's chem lecture today is like okay, cool. why? i turned around and every single one is paying attention and looking right at the screen in front. i am too. chongster's really amazing.

1) very optimistic, this astrological sign is always looking on the bright side. you won't find sagittarius singing the blues very often, as they are very good at seeing the silver lining in the clouds. 2) also highly patriotic and loyal people, many war heros are born under the sagittarius sun sign. 3) extremely capable of making you laugh your head off, aagittarius has a legendary sense of humor. always the life of the party you can count on sagittarius to make your party a hit. 4) very honest and caring, you are safe with a sagittarius. they will never think of doing dishonest things, and they will not tolorate it around them. 5) a dramatic sense of honor about them adds mystery and grace to their personality. 6) tend to be generous in nature, energetic but can also become combative. 7) they are conservative in their ideals and characteristically demonstrate self control and the ability to direct others. 8) their character purports them as being trustworthy, honest, very frank but also sincere. their disposition is one of generosity and kindness and very tactful in most matters. 9) on occasion they will demonstrate a hair-trigger temper but usually are over it quickly and typically aren’t prone to hold grudges.

sagittarians think of life on a large scale. this is demonstrated through the words they choose, the deeds they do or their eating habits. they love adventure and excitement but have a real fear of sickness making them bid ridden. sagittarians have a tendency to be very restless which causes them to expend enormous amounts of their reserve energy which drags down their immune system making them more apt to become immobile which is terribly frightening to them.

sagittarians can be very moody although they demonstrate good reasoning, judgment and perception in most matters, when it comes to their own personal life they tend to err creating much emotional distress for them, this comes out in the form of extreme moodiness.
sagittarians are often looked up to because they may posses dynamic personalities, are interesting to be around and extremely likeable, they just naturally seem to command admiration and respect.

February 03, 2009

Shut up and be a little more silent.

oh i topped the class from the bottom once again for gp. k you go hiphiphurray!!!

am really sorry but i have nothing interesting to blog, not that i dont want to.
guessed you wont want to read a blog about someone criticizing herself everyday, do you?
and isnt it even more boring to read a school girl's life like er what, i go for lecture at which lt at which time? find me at h401 at this time? look for me in the caf and what, see you around probably in the ladies?

omgee this is super unglam and ugly.. from redsports lol.
just look at er second one from left. i love pig trotters, do you?

lonely, i'm missy lonely.............. sobsob, k i'm going to cry my eyes out.