February 07, 2009

And I Will Pull The Trigger,

am i the only one who typed 'sajc orientation' on the google blogs search engine, and click on all the links that was shown updated within the last 12 hours? bet the j1s love sa like fuck now. i was so in love with sa too right after pae's orientation. everybody's so high, so friendly and all, kind of missed it. those were the days. well, no point reminiscing too? what's over is over. at least i had fun. and just this week, i already spotted two j1s carrying the same bag as i am. spells horror.

i guess the only thing i like about going for a haircut is that i'll be charged at secondary sch student rate.. i still think that i look better with my hair covering one of my eye. maybe i was a pirate?

this week wasnt totally meaningless i guess although i didnt really manage to sit down and start studying. like for instance, yesterday, i wanted to study in school, and it turned out that i did like 2 math questions? in what? 5 hours?
when you're bored during break time, draw.

lol no wonder i cant take arts as a subject.

mom told me a rather shocking news last night. this young and capable guy, he's 17, my mom's boss or colleague's son, was involved in this car accident in penang. i wasnt sure or maybe i dont rememeber anything cos i was really young, my mom said that he came to sg and was my sis and my playmate when we were young. four in the car, and he's the only one who survived, the other three died immediately. but sadly, he lost both his legs, and one of his arms... he was actually there for some business trip celebration cos he just clinched a deal or something... i hope he'll not die....

i managed to see your true colours, finally. dont you think that humans in general are so scary? you'll never know if the smile they wear everyday is true or fake. just go around, judge, and talk as much as you want behind /our/ backs, oh pathetic one. so what now?
not angry at all. not even intending to give up sixty seconds of peace of mind.

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