February 22, 2009

Face down in the dirt!

got to remember that you're perfect,
even though you're flawed.

lol m&m'sz at the back.

met up with my three darlings on friday for dinner!! it's been a while.>
met up with 6a'03 on saturday, played wii till night, wii ftw! pictures later.
finally a decent chat with ying after so long, really. i'm really fortunate and grateful at the same time, thanks for being there everytime when i'm in need, thanks for being so motivating as always. happy 18th birthday to yoo woman! <3>

i had a weird dream while i was having my nap, a 5 hours nap. it all felt so real that i'm afraid i wont wake up again, it's not the first time. felt as if the everything came crashing down on me, i can't move at all even though my eyes were open. omgasm who the fuck still have nightmares at this age, gosh.

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