February 13, 2009


oh hi i'm finally back, my com had some problems the other day. i was so angry at myself, and at i dont know what, but i started screaming and shouting, i just couldnt start my com. fed up, and i realised i really am too dependent on the com already, thats the result of switching on the com everyday right after i got back home and to only switched it off before i sleep. yay. i should've stayed cool. yo. i'm cool.

anyhow, i'm so thankful that the motherboard thingy isnt damaged, my files are still safe and sound! it's the power switch or some i dont know what IT shit that spoilt. got it repaired, so here i am blogging now. imagine, if my 8gb worth of pictures since sec4 and about coming 10gb worth of songs, say byebye to me just like that? i will cry. i dont have any back ups and i haven print any pictures since pae08? omgsplosion. phew.
time to start printing, zn.

today saw me writing esters as sweet smiling instead of sweet smelling, and wenshit writing esthers instead of esters during tutorial.. anyway, stuff to share, i signed up to be part of the life concert crew on wednesday, so initially, i'll be going for auditions today. and just this afternoon, i received a text message telling me that i'm not qualified for the auditions, reason being...i'm not a christian. yeah they told me so. oh how great. so i'm not a christian, does it mean that i'm deprived of singing christian songs or like what, participate and get involved? oh crap i dont understand. okay im not angry or whatsoever really, just that i'm clueless why is this so.

this week's friendship week. sa had the web of love thingy last year, and this year there's something similar. hanged messages, notes and confessions on the spider web thingy. some are really hilarious, i cant remember everything, i did took some pictures though. tan wenshit has a secret admirer! cool balls.. i want to find out who lar sounds fun. haha and jiachuan hot demand as usual.

helium balloons, pretty flowers, sweet treats and handmade gifts = sweetzzz.
end of friendshipweek eh.
oh and val's tomorrow.

so happy v day peapearl.
dont be sad if you're dateless, you're not alone :)

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