February 19, 2009

Heaven forbid, well aware of your sins.

in the wake i'll be just like the rest, past praying for.

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yeah i walked around the mall like that.

i love random days that keep me happy and laughing like shit ass, this week's pretty good so far, and i cant wait for more for the rest of the week, esp with days like meeting dearest jm, cj, hy, yingying and weijie! yay world please keep me happy!

firstly, happy unglam 18th birthday my auntyish goodfren!
i did smth small for her, i'm quite sweet lol.
we planned for her big day quite some time ago, touched?!! you may choose to go to tanwenshit's blog for a more detailed post, she posted lots of pictures yay. we came up with this mission abc plan, ambushingcixian plan. the girls came over to my house to prepare for her gifts, hanged out before surprising her at her doorstep at 12am. we were really excited cos it's our first time doing so, and there's still school tomorrow. but..... yes goodfren is more important!! it's like quite cool cos we actually went to school together for the first time :) although we were all late together, haha. the girls finally feel for us oh our 966.
oh yeah and do take a look at our color code that night, i love colors.

our initial plan didnt really work and i cant get to act out what i wanted to, cos goodfren's actually asleep. i cant act! haha but nevermind, spammed her phone and got hf's help to spam to, in the end we decided to just ring her doorbell and wake everyone up haha. we didnt want to but we had no choice, so.. sorry aunty and uncle! we didnt meant to disturb. we were quite disappointed at first, cos goodfren didnt had much reactions haha but we didnt blame her since she's too tired already, so goodfren please dont feel bad or anything really! and we can tell that goodfren enjoyed her day so much in school despite having 2.4km run and chem mock spa on her actual birthday hahahahahahax2,
we(sishood + s28) lubzXze euUz 4evAsszs! :)

our hands hahahahahahax2.

and in school, credits to s28 and especially venny!

that's chocolate, not sai.

evonnie sho kewlz

and happy birthday too to dearest charmaine baby!
she's such a QT pie! celebrated her first birthday on yes, val day.
i want a baby, hahahahahahaha. hinting wenshit indirectly.

so happy!! awwwwww.

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