February 27, 2009

A little clever, a little numb.

"if i fail my gp, will i still get into a university?"

local universities forum in school yesterday was...okay at least i finally know what's expected of us and things like that. frankly speaking, i'm somewhat worried. i took a look at all the courses available, and none of them are of my interest............yeah none. and the entry requirement is like, totally impossible for me to get into a university actually, just look at my current state. gp's such a fucktated shit. it's actually important, and weighs quite a lot. i'm like scoring the lowest in class now/in future. so okay i cant even be part of the 10percentile of those unpopular courses. it's competition, spell it. sigh the world's just so realistic, it's results that matters. lol and mother tongue is like, if you get an S, you'll still gonna get through it hahaa wahlau why arent i inclined in shakesphere's language, tell me. okayy but i strongly believe in miracle and i know we can all do it together yay. hey i'm just choosing to look at the brightside, please refrain from speaking to me about anything negative cos i'll just shut my ears. if, bolded, that i can enter a university, i shall choose NUS k, er i dont know what course should i take..

so you know, basically, i have no target to work towards to..

maybe i should seek help in the career guidance room in school haha joke of the day. k i'm just gonna stay in my la la land for now, i want to be in a rock band or be the you know headline girl, cover page hahahahahahahahaha okay just for laughz. maybe i'm a law student actually in time to come, haven release and showcase my full potential yet only. hahahahahaa joke of the century.

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