February 03, 2009

Shut up and be a little more silent.

oh i topped the class from the bottom once again for gp. k you go hiphiphurray!!!

am really sorry but i have nothing interesting to blog, not that i dont want to.
guessed you wont want to read a blog about someone criticizing herself everyday, do you?
and isnt it even more boring to read a school girl's life like er what, i go for lecture at which lt at which time? find me at h401 at this time? look for me in the caf and what, see you around probably in the ladies?

omgee this is super unglam and ugly.. from redsports lol.
just look at er second one from left. i love pig trotters, do you?

lonely, i'm missy lonely.............. sobsob, k i'm going to cry my eyes out.

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