February 25, 2009

This can't be the real world now,

self-proclaim break from school later, oh wow yes wenshit we can finally use our first parents' letter for this year, im excited. now that we can only use up to two parents' letter per term, we have to use it wisely...

block tests are approaching, time's pretty short. we should just try our best k, even if we cant cover everything this time round. it's impossible to cover everything by bt1 please fullstop nevermind people, shall stay calm, stay cool, dont shit your g-string haha so wear shades and go tanning! yay. okay but seriously, i need help.......... im slow like a slowpoke?!
okay sadshit, on a brighter note, i'll be getting my guitar tuner tomorrow most likely, and i can start learning guitar all over again!!

hey the new timetable stinks so much, i cant believe that we're still having lessons after 5pm like wtf yes it's reflected on our timetable. thankfully julia wee shifted it up a bit, a bit.
as much as i dislike the fucked up timetable, i still look forward to days like.... tues, even week! i've a perfect view lol.

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