March 29, 2009



alright time to update this space again, hello all. i know it's getting boring. well, my week was pretty good, am loving days like that, i dont have to study for fuck sake, and life's pretty good. i can do whatever things i like, slack my day away, going out, blahblahblah without any sense of guilt. alright we got back some results, U for chemistry still.. drop that topic. slackilicious day7 today, and woohoo i sat here staring into the com screen for fifteen hours striaght already(i had my meals in front of the com too) lol shall be my last day. dont ask me what i do online, i cant list them all out. as much as i hate to study, i know that i got to if i wanna go to university especially so when i'm such an airhead. am going to resume doing school work from tomorrow onwards, hopefully? i need motivation! sigh if only my friends could influence me a tinyweeny bit. guess i got to stay in school already if i want better grades for bt2, lol talk is cheap i know, and as if it would be any productive. but i really cant head home to study, like how the entire world do. the com's always calling for me, if not, my bed would be hurrying me so which means i must stay in school in the future. merry christmas.

k, anyone, study, help, support, together, in school, call me, thank you, see you, bye.

wednesday saw me at idk where, mount faber? lol.. anyway we had our cca activity there, walked a lot, but i love walking so it's okay, just dont ask me to run ty. service learning at ecp on friday - beach cleaning, okay lol, followed by class lunch (full attendace!!), and kbox next with minz and wenshit, it's been awhile. but wth opportunity cost of not heading to town...... forget it. oh i earned myself a free bus ride for being jovial loll alright i have pictures to share,

the linas.. :)

hahaha happy kid.

neh happy kid. lol nehnehnehnehnehnehneh

wong majesty.

kbox, at kleisurepark,

beach fiesta at sentosa yesterday, which explains how i got sunburnt. thought it was pretty fun despite being thrashed, at least we showed the undergraduates that we girls have guts yo. hahaha and my goodfren has a new name. hongfucheena ong cixian. no more linas for her.
saw warrick and joel, knew that they might not know my existence since i dont know them in person when we were still in secondary school, but anyways, yes so me being very me, went up and.... i dont really care if i embarrassed myself or whatsoever, but it was, lol idk quite funny hahahaha and i asked for a picture too

all hail, presenting to you my new cool school bag. the large number of positive feedbacks from the mass were actually pretty much anticipated HAHAHA okay.

goooodfren, cutegirl, wong majesty, goodfren, and team wikipedia.

will you fall for someone when you know that he flirts with every girl he meet? will you fall for someone when you know he is just a virtual character? will you fall for someone when you know that you might not be able to meet him in person at all since he lives in the other side of the world? hmm think.

March 26, 2009

two 00 nine

must be a fucking good year. yes A LEVELS i am so so so excited, cant wait for you mans love of my life. i love you so much, that i guess you dont even want to know. alright.... lol but i guess i'm pretty stoked and excited; both paramore & all time low are going to release their next record this year.. WOWSOME. 'weightless', the first track from atl's new record is OUT, bree! and now, fbr's having spring sales and yes to >10% discount and free shipping for $100 spent, no way to stop this temptation, free shipping can you believe it at all??

some thai asked me about the lionfish.
i thought for so long before realising she was refering to lol merlion. hahahahahaa cute.

March 22, 2009

Save it for the monster truck rally!

warped tour last year. here's the proof of alex and jack's awesomeness, love how mad and dead serious alex was, and how he stood up for that girl yeah some dude swung at her. jack's attempt to calm alex down, ruining the seriousness of it all, hilarious. from what we all know, some bands just wont care and keep going, it's pretty amazing that alex actually stops the whole thing and help that girl out, or rather it shows that they're actually paying attention to the audience and looks out for their fans, awesome.
"dont ever ever ever ever ever fucking swing at a girl you prick!"
"we're not playing pokemon here, you dont have to flip out okay?"
watch and tell me how not to love them.

March 21, 2009

Burning for you, Burning like a candle.

so basically, this short one week break's rather fulfilling i would say. been out all this while - outings and shopping, if not, sleeping in, walking around er rearranging my room, downloading songs from falling up, etf and lhh, spending my life at paramoreband.lj,, flickr, at youtube watching guitar tutorials(and managed to play my first full song after not touching guitar for a year, !!!!!!), watching alltimefucking low's concerts, thrash talks, videos, interviews and so on(think collaboration with we the kings - all time kings or we the low?) and yes not to forget making full use of the google search engine, as always lol. alex gaskarth, fucking awesome. that's my wall btw, i sprayed it using.. my hair spray lol lol. i know it's ugly why did it smudged!!

also, been listening to my playlist at the sidebar over and over again. why do i have such a good taste in music? ;) okay hahahaha.

met my darlings on wednesday, another lovely day spent :) we headed to the museum! wow. asian civilisation museum was putting up exhibits from kangxi's era. hahahaha yes we support artistic activities and cultural cooperation across different countries please. admission wasnt free initially, but some schools are entitled for special priviledges, like you know np and nj are more or less expected? i was just hoping that i would get an free entrace ticket too, and i couldnt believe it too. i was entitled for the free entrace as well, i'm from sajc lol
did gained knowledge from this visit, obviously yes since i'm the airhead haha. learnt that kangxi is just a reign name, and the actual name of emperor kangxi is xuan ye instead. some other things we saw: broken sandstones, vessels for rituals, snuff bottles, the edict, written papers, tang poems written on silk or paper, twelve digit calculator, kangxi's robe, socks and so on, and a really long handscroll which captured kangxi's birthday. pretty interesting.

presenting to you the kangxi tour group, lol look at the sticker pasted on our top.

headed to far east square and went on in to the fuk tai chi museum/temple, looking at some displays of singapore in the past before taking a break for some rest, chat and camwhore session, and chinatown thereafter. our future album cover:

i looked tall!

and an outing with sishood yesterday, i finally saw xiaohan in person! pretty girl123! ahh and minzz saw her heartthrob too, UTT! know what, he's older than our beloved classparent, lucky minzz! imagine if josh farro or alex gaskarth's in sight, hmm i will definitely go crazy. lol alright stop dreaming haha.
cant believe we saw jiachuan at ps again, such coincidence. for more pictures, just click on wenshit's blog or goodfriend's blog after she've updated.

like some i dont know, red algae? growing on my head.

dim sum buffet at three o clock, good food at a super affordable price. loving xlbs as usual, and i had my share of yummy black sesame paste, yay to good skin food. camwhore again, this time round at the istana park. the rest left while minzz and i went on our journeyyy to singapore arts museum, peninsula, and clarke quay. angmohz paradisez, but awww haha.

lazy eyes

and i miss you mr leeds :(
didnt touch my school materials at all, well maybe except shifting those pile of idk what papers from the floor to my table, and changing the refill in my pens? alright time to start econs yo, SERIOUS. so i say today(saturday), sunday, monday, alright there's still some time.