March 06, 2009

Don't wait,

but the idea of waiting for something makes it more exciting...
okay, cute as hell.

maple aka mei bao's 18th!

tan to the wen to the shit:

crosscountry, lol. healthy living, fitness for life. hahah familiar?

wenshit didnt win that medal.

heehee evonnie!

class's still like er some cny festive mood.


fucking happy and proud of pammy and evonnie!!! yay!
just a note, im not heartless or what, it's just that i dont feel anything before/during/right after getting results, dont ask me why. i just want to remain positive, like you know we cant change the results since they're fixed, and like in last year? i think it's like a built-in mentality, stucked in me forever already. it's been the same for almost everything i do.. but of cos it's definitely common sense that most people will worry and feel jittery about the results the whole day. i dont know, maybe i'm weird like that. failed attempt to spread this plus sign disease to all.. but k whatever it is, doesnt mean i'm pleased with my results too, like at all. especially after giving second thoughts when i'm all alone. i mean it's kinda expected i wont do well. but still am a bit affected because....hey i was a a1 hmt student and this is what i've gotten, and i cant retake this paper anyfuckingmore. just blame myself for not trying hard enough. get over it and move on. well at least i did improve from promos!!!!!! :) i've got an overall E then. and i've gotten a....
always look on the bright side of life~~~~ even though rj has ninety percentile distinction for chem phy and maths and 157 perfect scorers according to weijie lol. i'm so going to aim for As already even though i'm still getting like er U/last for chem lol. still, i believe i'll score As for my 3H2s!!!!! i'm going to eat smarties everyday from now lol lol k let's work hard together for er rest of this year mans. we can do it people.. press on. <3>

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