March 15, 2009


alright anyway, i had a scary encounter. just imagine you seeing yourself on someone else's blog, and when you dont even know that someone? though that's not the case for me, but..!
okay, so goodfriend was showing me some urls, and there came this webpage. well, and me being me, clicked on the owner's archives and started looking at her pictures, you know i had nothing better to do, and I WAS SO BORED, as usual. i came across this....

ps: sorry for the grab.

dont you think she resembles so much like me! i mean, dont you think so?? fyi, this isnt me~ i was so shocked by this picture, i thought i was looking at myself? (this is the only picture that we look alike though. we look like totally different in other pictures lol.) hmm but i know this isnt me and of course i dont remember taking a picture like that with this background afterall. but still am rather amazed, i thought, we really look alike? my sis and i dont even look so alike! okay i know sisters dont have to look alike.. i'm still shocked by how much this girl and i look alike.. omgee.

and i had a dream last night....
i wont want the same dream anymore :(

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