March 09, 2009

No they don't tell me a thing,

i dont understand why my skinny friends love to complain that they are fat, or are always on diet. sometimes, when they tell me this, i cant help to, but i feel like theyre telling me that im fat and they dont want to end up like me.. hey i'm standing 156cm, at 5xxxxxxx kg... :(
fuck. oh and now my mum is doing this to me. fyi, we share the same weight.
but im still gonna eat whenever i like, till i'm sick of eating, which is near impossible? who will be sick of eating tell me. crazy.

k motivation starts here.
1) if i pass GEEPEEEEEE, i am going to sing the national anthemn.. for a day or two...
2) if i get a C/above for maths, i will sing the school song as well.
3) if i pass chemmie, i will treat xxxxxx ice lemon tea ^^

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