March 12, 2009

We're so beyond this..

seriously i have no idea what's with my tagboard, the number of adverts...?

alright so bt1's more or less over, just one more economically econs right after hols, oh wow. so yeah hols are officially here! gonna change the orientation of some stuff in my room woohoo. takes time. guess i have nothing much to say about bt1, i should just accept my results since the amount of effort i've put in, in general, is fucking less than fifty percent of what i am capable of? still spending my time shopping, looking for cool food and using com every single day, instead of studying. i can really die not using it a day. random thoughts, but sometimes i really wonder how did the rest survive hiding their com away from sight, but why cant i.... alright i know, no point penning down or to keep thinking of stuff like that. kay then just a little shout out, well done my fellow friends! i know everyone had put in lots of effort, it's clearly seen. i mean its actually, good job guys. i just hate it when i have to trouble my dad to come to school again...real soon.
am, or rather, was angry with no one, but myself. putting things aside, i have some tinyweeny shit stuff to rant, not here mugga fugga. drink milk and stay cool, feed you with chickenwingz. world peace. just a note to self, stop being so naive, things arent as simple as what you think. you never.. who.. alright
am getting better at this.

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