April 02, 2009

Break out,

Break out, break out, as we escape through the windows, head for the car, and never look back, singing-singing.....

happy 32nd of march, so i managed to fool tanwenshit by changing her handphone's settings, say yay to changing phone language. alright i had archery for cca today, it was so boring at first due to the briefing which was irony long but the activity itself was pretty awesome, bulleyed lol. kayaking next week, sounds interesting. went to fareast that day and bumped into limei and her bf, it's bean a while! nice seeing her again, prettier and prettier each time i got to meet her, why am i still the same!! haha. so far, four told me that i look nicer with this new tan, hee and i think so too, no shame at all LOL. alright you people have good taste!! hahaha. well but sadly i'm such a caterpillar, my skin is peeling off already and i look really ugly now, just that didnt roll up my sleeves. wait, does caterpillar shed? dk, haha wait till you see my arms.... you will freak out by how bad my skin condition is, so many patches of scars, tones, and when i say scars really am refering to scars, fullstop. cant help it but to peel them off and make it worse, bleed, then end up crying. it may mean nothing to many of you, but it's my first time getting such a bad burn....... it's alright if you dont get it, you dont have to.
some problems with my com, i had to login to every site (fb, hotmail, lj, xanga, and so on) everytime i close my tab or browser it's so so so troublesome. i didnt have to do this previosuly, even if i switched off my com, the next time i on it, i dont even have to login to all sites again but now i got to do so everytime, it's so zzzzzzzz!! okay so can anyone help me with it. next one, i still cant tag at my own tagboard using my com. wtf but i will reply soon...

i have no idea how to talk to people, how to get them to stop straining on their milk? so you need more milk? tell me. it's fucking irritating and i get pissed off so easily for i dont know what reasons - i'm me, i'm me. i need to learn how to accept people for who they are.
educate me, please.

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