April 04, 2009

I'll keep a secret if you keep me guessing,

got myself a webcam finally! slow like slowpoke i know. got it from nus's flea today, what an awesome flea! things sold at say $25 online were sold at $10 each wtf, that's more than 50% lesser and they're brand new somemore. the food at nus, what more can i say? cheap and good, i mean real cheap and real good, i totally adore. my future school LOL

i'm going to remove my tagboard or to get a new one tomorrow, i hate adverts but the main reason is that wtf i still cant tag my own tagboard. i'll reply them here for now.

Fanny: hey new friend!
BRENDA!: yes world's damn small! if we bump into each other again... haha then it's gonna be fate! lol
kaiqi!: kaishit you're insignificant :( lol joking!
jixiang: haha they're bimbos... so you cant expect much actually lol.
V: haha i dont like it when she talk! but okay, just dance :)
jingmin: you want her boobs right? me too hahahahaha. okay both, i'm okay with it, looking for sponsorship!
graceyeoh: haha thanks grace! i knew it! hahaa, peninsula shopping centre go go go.
passer: bcdefg
cixian: haha okay adverts. wahlau i HATE!

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