April 02, 2009

Luck loves me not tonight, I'm running out.

gave school a miss today. haha people skipped school to study, and me? nah, of course not... sigh i'm just so useless, i can just spend my day rotting doing nothing, and life still goes on. and me no closet mugger please, basically i hate them quite a lot. spent my lovely day eating non stop because of some known and unknown reasons, i'm so pissed with everything, everyone, everyshit, so what do i do? EAT :D food taste especially yummy when you feel like eating isnt it. fatfreak, well life still goes on. out at noon, didnt purchase what i intended to, didnt bring enough cash and i dont want to use my card today lalala which means hello to saturday's shopping, bomb.

received econs results today via goodfren, i've got a U! U for ulimate! wow am so over the moon man. still got to face the music anyhow, am really sorry xueting, please slap my face real hard and wake me up. randoms, this shit's bugging me for quite sometime. i may look like i'm always happy, laughing blah and stuff, but in fact, i do feel low, really low. i know it sounds like your own shit, but i missed cuddles, i just want a cuddle. that's a really sad feeling, somehow. might still take a long long time until i find someone who wants to cuddle with me, and of course, i feel comfortable enough around. sidetracked i can't help myself, er well back to econs, congrats to those who thought they wont do well, yet achieved not a bad grade woohoo that's so awesome, i feel so happy for you.

and not here, not doing it here.
yes life still goes on.

should i skip school too tomorrow...????????

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