April 19, 2009

Our days repeating like its all we know,

am not sure what's wrong with the weather - so humid and hot, and it's killing me. last week saw me being a sickly puff, so i missed school again. six days, and i'm still unwell. how sad huh and i still have not complete my napfa. sbj is really annoying, i hope i'll kill it soon, i dont want to stay stagnant at just the first station forever. one word, weak.

parents tutor meeting thingy shit this coming week, i'm down for it, nothing surprising but yeah i managed to talk things out with mr lee just by saying that my dad is so busy and he do not want to see his face at all lol and my dad need not come to school, fucking waste of time. but in actual fact, my dad isnt aware at all about this ptm shit. well it's not as if meeting either one of my parent will do me/the rest any help. they cant do anything, it's me/us, if i/we want to do it or not, isnt it? the whole ptm shit is really lame.... we're old, enough. to think. at least? will skip about the doing part..

happy birthday nikki aiai! happy birthday wong majesty, wati and jiachuan! it's really cool and i can only scream coincidence that the three of them share the same birthday lol. spent my day after school with evonnie and we caught seventeen again, pretty cute, we had some good laugh in between, aint a fan of zac efron well but got to admit that guy is really hot. wong majesty and evonnie have been singing praises to me, and mostly about me and my baby fats, so much that i find myself too shy to talk to them hahahahahahaha. just kidding.


ctss carnival 09, went to that new site, and i dont like it lol, still. i missed the old school, the old and rundown building at commonwealth, and even the old ctss building itself at clementi then. this new site looks so, i dont know weird lol. but it's kinda nice to see familiar faces again, i have no idea when's the next time we all gonna meet up:( haven met nana for the longest, so glad to see her again and sorry i wasnt all friendly yesterday so i missed out saying hi to some people i knew and saw. missed seeing people like kevin yeo who went back super early and even though we were there at the same time as lina, i did not get to meet her up, alright seriously carnival 07 was shitass bombz, i can still remember how everything started because of our imba-ly awesome scream dimension!! what's left now, only memoriesssss

my merchs from fbr have arrived! thanks so much for your help joleen! would not get free shipping if we did not order our stuff together, and it would have cost even more expensive if i ordered them myself, i spent over 80sing dollars for the four shirts, still am excited since it's my first purchase from fbr online store and the tees are really nice. two x paramore, two x the cab, buttons were small but they're pretty cute. got to pin them somewhere. spent some money at hottopic.com, they should be arriving in two weeks.

fob's show last night at sam houston was cancelled due to the rain, not their decision of course. and atl's so so so so sweet, fyi they're on tour with fob, those guys wouldnt want their fans to be upset and they spent the rest of the day trying their best to find a suitable place for their secret acoustic show and even so if they knew the cops are gonna call them up for doing so, they still went on with the acoustic show last night with a little of about fifty fans who got the news from alex's, jack's, and zack's twitter. cops called after their seventh song, but still, the secret show was such a success! it's so amazing that it really worked out, and that's because alex and the rest were so determined to make it all happen. so sweet arent they? click for weightless acoustic at the secret show - alex's not singing much though, the fans sang yay everybody can sing weightless!found it on youtube, you cant see their faces cos it was all dark at night lol. i love those guys, down to earth, love their fans and what not. my motivation to save money seriously (so that i can fly outta singapore to hear them sing) haahahahahaha sorry but i like to dream

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