April 11, 2009

Round in circles..

pw was definitely a chore, annoying indeed. just really glad that every one of us survived till the very end, and yesterday marked the end of pw officially when our results were released. no doubt that we improved tremendously as a school, i thought many of us deserves better. take the amount of effort taken into consideration, all the group leaders, definitely, deserves nothing less than an A, but it wasnt the case, well i too thought the whole class should get an A.. don't worry, i'm not disappointed at all, just wondering and sorting out thoughts about some issues as you can see lol. don't let this affect us too much, at least we knew we gave our best shot people! (L)

and evonnie, i did receive your long email! i was smiling and going 'awwww evonnie...' constantly while reading your mail, memories of the various incidents and events that happened during the pw days just came flashing back. i didnt know you can be so sweet! joking lol, i knew my evonnie's the nicest person in the world :) missed those days where we camped at com lab, the whole com lab to s28 almost all the time, am pretty sure we'll never get to experience it again already.. i'm really really lucky, or rather, i'm very fortunate to be in the same group with all four of you, seriously..

i know it's not the first time i'm saying this, but you guys meant too much to me; venny, evonnie, angela and dan, i seriously can't imagine how i am going to do this initially plain dumb shit without every single one of you. days where venny and evonnie spent so much time editing and look through our wr and our assigned work again and again, trying to get the best out of it. it was all plain hard work, i really wished i could help but my poor command of english doesnt make myself helpful at all.. and i still feel rather bad because of it, it must have been a pain and you girls sure were pretty irritated to edit stuff like what i wrote haha faint at my english!!! and hey remember our flea for pilot study? we stood under the scorching hot sun, trying our best to sell away our preloved. dan's definitely the man for making our pilot study possible. it was my fault for making you guys go down to sungei for the second time later on, and i was really guilty and feeling so bad but you guys assured me that everything's gonna be alright, and agreed to take time off from your busy schedules just to go down again for our pilot study. felt that i have the most understanding group members in the world, it certainly would not turned out this way if i didnt get you guys in my group, i would have gathered much hatred if my members were mean people grrr. op was the bomb, the writing and editing of the scripts, oh god. dan didnt need the script at all, he's pretty rad at this haha. and got to thank venny and evonnie for helping us out again and again, to correct my pronounciation as well as my script..

not good with my words, but just wanna let you all know that you guys really, really made it all happened. i will never and hey it's not even possible that i'll complete pw at all given my ability, you guys are the one who made it possible, you guys are the one who made this chore, a whole lot of fun instead.

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