April 11, 2009


my penpal from lyon, france, surprised me with a package! gosh i was so shocked and happy(happy > shock), realised i did not mention her at all in my previous posts, well she's pauline, and she's a year younger than me. quote j, "i hope you like this first package, i put a lot of love in it" in the package; sweets, snacks, nougats and chocolate from france, bangles and a gold necklace, drawings and pictures she made, cuttings from magazines and such, and a letter to go with, she's fucking sweet isnt she? this definitely is the first ever package i've received from overseas and i still am really excited :)

wowww so this is lyon!

good friday was spent with my dear girls, so we combed the whole of that building at chinatown, i dont remember the name of the building, haha but yeah we combed the whole place, went around looking for good deals for overseas trip or rather going out of singapore haha, cant wait. ended up dating jm after dinner, and we ran out of ideas of what to do, and where to go. sadie, we are poor kids :( so in the end, we ended up at cityhall again, our meeting place that day! i need a new list of places to visit and things to do, minimum amount of cash needed of course!

oh and i kinda lost my voice from all the screaming and cheering on thursday. stupid.

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