April 25, 2009


1. been sleeping a slightly more than 10hours per day for 5days consecutively (including naps), but seriously, am i old or am i..old? cant stay up late anymore, and i get tired so easily. this is so not me, this my shit this my shit.

2. alright remember my previous post? so after say five days, william lee still wanna meet my dad, yes special appointment so the whole day is dedicated to my dad/mom/sis idk. WIN. i mean forget it, i cant fucking change the fact that i've got ptm right. k for all you want then.

3 still stuck at sbj which just means i cant proceed on to the other four stations, grant me frog's legs please.

4. i realise i've tried almost all the stalls in sas's canteen, not just yong tau foo k. why yes i like new things. two more stalls to go.

5. chem lect on thursday, BEST!

6. all human beings should learn to put themselves in someone else's shoes. such a basic shit to care about others' feelings and thoughts but apparently, there's just so many who cant do it. shame.

7. cca's cip today at chinswee road, we cleaned the house for mdm yeo who's 80+year old, living in this one room flat unit. thought it's pretty meaningful, well come to think of it, i wouldnt even engage myself in such activity without being asked to? but surprisingly, it wasnt boring at all, even though i wasnt much of a help towards the end of the day(ended up watching tv hahaha), but it was actually fun helping mdm yeo to scrub the walls, arrange her stuff and such. not forgetting that she's so cute - she went to comb her hair before taking a group photo lol perhaps i should do this more often.

8. i'm BROKE. it's in caps now. be careful, i'm gonna rob you.

9. just because you dont get it, doesnt mean it's stupid. it means you are.

10. ten..

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