April 27, 2009

Too late to catch,

enjoying the above right now wheet damn sweet, i prefer the original one.
and okay, i just got a sms from goodfriend about chem prac tomorrow.
and what do you think i should do? skip school like how i did the other time? nonononononono. i'm gonna pinch my face till i've got blueblack if i am gonna skip school because of it. lol and obviously i wouldnt want my face to suffer right.

k, start by reading for chem prac... after i bathe that is lol
note to self: hey zn, you're way behind the rest already, i mean WAY WAY WAY with caps behind. you're not gonna go anywhere if you're not starting or better still, not even helping yourself. you hate all those negative shits, so stop being such a pesstismist!!!

and the post below; i'm not so vulgar, really. i was just angry, so angry at myself, and i have no one to rant to. i just need a place to rant all these shit out. and it's gonna be the last time i'm doing it. i hate posts like that, it makes me sad.
back to being vulgar - that's just smokescreen, i'm actually.. a really sweet girl. haha

rugby match tmr! sa VS ac!

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