May 04, 2009

And on 30th April,

the plan we've got for birthday girlie was to get 18 presents for her. we've got 16 random saints and teachers to pass presents to her during random times like at the caf, during tutorials, in the toilet and blah, and the other 2 being a board and a cake. quite an interesting task to do when to approach random people, but it kinda blew from the start since it's pretty obvious that we planned all these LOL. headed home after gym duty for a change before heading out to meet the girls again at night.

lol this is funny

one of the craziest night with sishood. one of the rare times that i'm wearing such a short dress(since my legs are omgly fat....) and red extensions, beef bowl at yoshi, camwhoring sessions with more than 200pictures that night and i started complimenting goodfren quite a bit, clinic for the first time even though they checked our ids and 4/6 of us were underaged, bought vodka from the convenient store, maz, kaishit and birthday girlie got high after drinking a little leaving wshit and i totally alright, birthday girlie - high out of their mind and fall asleep right on the floor, chatting and more chatting along the river when mr nicey mervyn came over because he's worried for sishood, stayed out the whole night with wshit, minz and merv, macs at 4am, starbucks for poker and comfy till 7.30am, went home in the morning before heading to goodfren's. more pictures later.

and like i said, no more emo posts like 27th april's again. i really got to thank so many people for the concerns, encouragements, assurance, offers and help<3>. jm, ying, goodfren, minz, evonnie, maz, grace, wanting, huiping, ben.. i mean i've got you guys, what more am i to ask for? i've thought it through for three days, no one's gonna help me if i dont help myself. yeah you're hearing this from me. lol, but hey com'on we're all in this together, and we(i) should at least believe that we're gonna rock the shit out at the end. yes? now for the action.. soon, soon.

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