May 26, 2009

Hot Topic Spree..

no more corset boots,
no more buckle high shoes,
no more all time low tee.

and after three weeks? i still cant strike a balance between school work and what not. still haven been doing the basics that i should- to at least complete my fucking tutorials. distractions. or just myself showing far too little attention for what i actually should. guilty pleasures. please just tell me, guide me what to do, then again, i'm nothing but sick in the mind. friday's the start of block test two. am so so so so so not ready. not even a part of myself is functioning at the moment, just cant bring myself to sit down and do some real shit....

quote weewong, "i am looking forward for an 'all pass' on friday,"
then quote weewong again, "zhengning, i'm very worried for you..."

what to do now?

stay +ve, at least..

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