May 24, 2009

If it means a lot to you,

guten tag! wie gehts?
gut danke! tchussss

these two girls are from germany and because sa's hosting the germans for next year's youth olympics, chay brought this two girls over to sa for a little over two weeks for some exchange, erm am i right? they taught the whole school basic german for a few days, response was hella good. we went up to them and said TSCHUUSSS (bye) and asked for a picture, yeah man ich libere dichhhh (L)

my sis's 19th yesterday - happy birthday sissyyy!
okay so yesterday i went to homeclub for fleaflyflofun with her, and i literally spent on her since it's her bday and those are her presents from me lol. yesterday's buys were not bad too, i got myself this really cute headband at a cheap deal, but because my head's too big...... oh well. i'll still wear it someday. i didnt get to see the owner of kittystar! aw sad.
and met up with these people too:

should i do this to my wall?

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