May 07, 2009

A New Low in High Concept,

watched rugby match on tuesday, seven buses to ccab, awesome. we didnt manage to get into the finals, lost to rj but i seriously thought sa ruggers are all so damn amazing already, i mean it's not easy and they have brought the school so much glory right, fucking won acjc the other time, best match ever so well done saints!!

watched bowling on wednesday we just stood behind this team of four guys, heard that it's our best team, and seriously our bowlers are like god. seven strikes in a row, seriously, so damn rad.

some random convo which i thought was funny.
minz: look at that indian guy, he's eating chwee kueh eh, quite funny.
wshit: it's actually like erm us eating roti prata?

oh i'm proud to declare that i eat caifan/beehoon from the mixed rice stall in school everyday for two weeks consecutively already WOOHOO veggies/fish and currypotato everyday, uncle can actually regconise me!!

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