May 31, 2009

Say "yay, holidays!!" - my foot.

we still have to attend school almost every single day, but without singing the national anthem that is lol. alright so the past few days were nothing but filled with activities, was really deadbeat, thanks to liting for giving me a massage last night at ubin, seriously it was so comfy i nearly fell asleep.
gp's over! look, i'm really excited here even though i know weewong's gonna skin me alive, no kidding. wait till my aq got read out in class ohmygod no way please, that sucks. essay was..i was singing to crushcrushcrush suddenly, with lyrics "and it makes no sense at all~~", so i wrote down that on my script too. "limiting production, makes no sense at all" lol right.

a handful of pictures to share; sajc free cone day(lol), then kshit's 18th birthday surprise, and pulau ubin yesterday.


piggybacking a bear.

i laff you~~ dont you think they looked alike? i love the bear!

realised i hugged bearie upsidedown the next was still facing me that previous night lol

we had lunch at waraku that afternoon and sang her a birthday song at the train station, before heading to bugis for some retail and all, so she thought that's it, and end right there. lol nope, we surprised her at her house, bet she didnt expect it at all since we're pretty good at acting, or maybe she's too gullible. headed to her house first, was enjoying her air con instead lol. the plan's a success! thanks to arison, those two are really sweet. but we're sweet too, right? awwwww.
happy 18th my dear kshit!! :)

ubin yesterday, hot weather. yes, HOT.

stop and stare~

lol stop and sniff

i've got 17 bites on my fatty legs, some even swelled. fuck mosquiotes but i cant blame them too since it's my own fault for not wearing track pants and slippers to ubin, i have no brains you see. i hate flies, i'm gonna spray insect repellent at them if they mess up with me next week when i'm at ubin, i think it'll be a good substitute for insecticides, no?

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