May 21, 2009

Send Love,

nope, i dont own this denim jacket. my mom does.
and to add on, my mom owns two other blazors. i have a cool mom.

have been tweeting more than i blog, hmm. so i'm down with a really bad flu again. actually, i've not recovered from the last time i was sick. i have a weak immune system, no? chickenwingss seriously. gave school a miss today, woke up pretty late and i spent my day with lots of cheese and revamping part of my room. love it at first, but i realise it did not help to make my room more spacious and neater at all. but i shall make do with it first, meanwhile think of another brillant arrangement. also, any suggestions for the base color of my wall? i was thinking of dark red, bright orangey yellow, grey or black..

Venny's birthday last friday - happy 18th venny! celebrated with part of the class after school before some last minute shopping. that night was spent at clarke quay, drinking at homeclub then hopped over to arena for our first clubbing experience. encounter with the bouncer was rather nervewrecking for i'm not as brave as your mom. passed the ic to the bouncer, he looked at it, then looked at me, and back to study the ic again, and eyes back to me again. i swear, my heart skipped a few beats, especially when i know my face shows zero resemblance to the picture in the ic. i'm a mew k. alright, i passed and we went in and.. hahah i was pretty amazed by this whole club thing, i mean it's my first time you know i'm a total noob and i probably did not expect too much from it. we just stood there and do nothing for quite a while, clueless lol, before we decided to join the people at the dancefloor, music was gagagagagaga, dolls, and whatever you can think of. we drank beer, and... beer, and venny's bf was really nice to send us home!

the next day saw me at clarke quay again, sissy got her pay and treated the whole family to mr curry. would say it's a good place to head to if you're craving for some japanese curry, note that japanese curry does not use coconut milk so it is not as oily as other asian-style curries (even though i actually prefer asian-style curry haha) we tried three kinds of curry, and conveniently left out the curry which is squid ink based. paid a visit to aunt after pigging out, the last time is saw her was a little about four months ago, that's like fucking long ago..

charmaine! and she's only 1 year and 3 months. she's so tall... she stretch her arms and she's able to smack my butt.

oh and for chem spa, gosh.
"do not place the mouth of the test tube near your nose." we're supposed to write this and i ended up writing, "avoid placing your nose near the mouth of the test tube."
how do you place your nose??

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