May 05, 2009

this swine shit's spreading from one to another so efficiently,

and geographically as well. bummer. and from today onwards, we got to take our temperature two times a day in school till i dont know when, i mean are we actually overreacting? so is it a yes to chances to get with a pandemic? sir/mdm swine flu, the world now knows how epic you are, and how you are a sense of threat since you have been revealing yourself so much recently. so now would you please fuck off, stop sweeping and growing, sickening and taking innocent lives away?

gaskarth for you again :) his voice is so heavenly, and so calming when he sings slower songs like this. here's a new song he sang, but it's not gonna be included in nothing personal, sadly. i tried to figure out the lyrics - help me see if i'm right?

i need the time to leave behind everything i just seen
cos i've been living in a good dream
for far too long
i need the time to realize everything was make believe
damit i was so naive
you were never who you seemed to be

but all i ask is for my fair chance
of making my way to the top of this industry
with my own two hands not a second glance
i'll make the impossible a possibility

don't fuck this whole thing up for me
i thought we were a team
now your kicking my legs right out from under my dreams
don't fuck this whole thing up for me
cos i know we were a team
now your kicking my legs right up from under my dreams

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