May 27, 2009

We love cute hippo,

i do appreciate everything you do for us but there are a few things i need to get off my chest. i just had to tell someone, so hello dear, i shall confine to you.
okay i dont exactly know where to start, and dont know how to phrase all these shit. but i just knew that i was really pissed off today. damn. well, but all in all, can you stop being a piece of whipped shit?!!! i cant tell you how fucking irritating it is that you always speak like as if you're some, i dont know, cow? so what if you are of a higher authority? treat us like we're nothing when you're suffering from your own dismay or whatsoever? maybe you're stressed, but are we not? i thought you were really nice, but recently, you're just way too much, which prompted me to rant this shit out. you have no idea how annoying it is. in the same vein, please quit using that damn tone when talking to the whole lot of us, seriously. i cant, no i meant, we cant stand that shit, and i have the thought of just reaching for the door and then leave everytime you start your shitass crap. it just ruin my mood so bad that i feel like giving you an overhead smash, right in your face. please, i beg you, go back to your old self. and the last thing i want to hear from you is commenting about my what, plug? i mean hey, flip through the dictionary, or since you have a laptop you can just go do a googlesearch and then understand what is the difference between a ear stud and a plug. if i look like shit to you, just keep it to yourself. you wont want to hear a list of shit from your haters.

and to clarify things, i dont hate you. i just, dont quite like you.

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