June 30, 2009

Sway your head,

this is really late, but happy birthday jm!!!! didnt have a chance to blog about it hmmm, so on sunday we headed out for a little celebration. it was nothing amusing this year, just a simple celebration but definitely full of our love and sincerity, hee. had a meal at crystal jade, before heading over to esplanade to just chill and we actually hid her present behind the bushes, but alright it was pretty obvious so she found it in less than five minutes? no fun man haha, i wanted to act like somemore. well i dont know but like i wrote in her card, man next year we wont be able to celebrate her birthday with her anymore since she'll be all the way in china. i wonder how's china's birthday celebration like, could it be like new year? you have to wear red on your birthday lol i dont know, haha jingmin-er lol shall tell us about it next year.

alright so basically, school reopened and for two days straight(i dont know how long must we do this), we have been heading to classroom to get our temperatures taken before the papers. oh and we cant leave school from jacob ballas bridge, which means i have to walk all the way out from the side gate/main gate to the express way for my 966, which is nothing but just a waste of time. seriously, i can save like about 10x2 = 20 mins walking from jacob ballas instead of the side gate which is like so far away. damn.

we had chem p3 as well as econs p2 already. so i did like about 20/80 marks worth of questions for chem yesterday, and slept through the paper. damn, my calculator fell from the table and now it's not working anymore. chem is such an ass..... haha. okay and econs today, even much better. i slept for more than an hour, our paper for today is erm two hours fifteen minutes? it's like we got to complete three full questions, which means six parts of essay? i did two full one though. and two not even half complete, and conveniently left out two. there's nothing up in my head actually, i cant even pen some crap down on the answer sheet. sleep was on my mind.

well actually i dont know why am i updating stuff on this block test, i mean i didnt even put in any effort.. or rather, i didnt even give a damn for block test. didnt even try to attempt the questions i dont know, but im not trying to show off or anything, nothing much to show off either, you wont want grades like mine anyway. it's just, i dont know. what am i challenging actually? i keep telling myself that i'm preparing for A fucking levels and not dumbo block test, but yeah you know, i'm full of excuses. i just hope i wont be so fucked up after this week. i really need to get my ass off skiving. yeah yeah, i knew that everyone's mugging their heads off, even for that dumb block test or even just for the final exam, well fuck i am totally aware of that.. but where's the pressure? why cant i feel any pressure? i feel like a sloth. all i do is going online, and chatting with strangers on omegle lol, not really. wait, all i do is going online, and just staying online for as long as i want to even when i've got nothing to do. yeah, that's right.
like what the fuck.

sorry i'm a boring person, all i do is just to post about how dumb and how fucked up i am.

June 27, 2009


Connecting to server...
You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
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Stranger: i dont know about you
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Stranger: hangin out with elvis
You: yeah perhaps drinking some nice glass of wine together
You: and doing moonwalks
Stranger: who do you think will be the next musical king to die?
You: i dont know, thats pretty unpredictable?
Stranger: hmm
Stranger: i say run dmc
Stranger: cause they called themselves the kings of rock
Stranger: so they should be next on the chopping block
Your conversational partner has disconnected.

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You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
Stranger: hi
You: are you a chick
Stranger: are u nigger?
Stranger: of fucking us
Stranger: or bullshit european?
Your conversational partner has disconnected.

Last week of hols,

wasnt bad at all. i caught transformers2 which was pretty awesome (megan hottie fox never had a dick), skipped school, went jamming with the rest, went out for durians haha, tried three new flavors of instant noodles(love this), dined at astons, watched three dvds, shopped and bought some clothings but i assume they're on impulse.., had suppers on three nights, contacted someone which i kinda missed, oh and i dated shitclass! rad. so rad.

oh last night, so i was at esplanade and i missed the last bus to get home. left with no choice but to get a cab if i want to go home. and there came two ladies who offered to share cabby with me, since they both stays in BP. they're from rjc, and lol their conversation made me feel like an ignorant young kid. cool stuff is, even the taxi driver stays in BP. so it's four different parts of BP. wow, this is what i call.. fate? haha pretty interesting.

two days more to school reopening. i wouldnt say it's doomsday or what for me for block test two, i mean it's kinda obvious i'll flunk every subject right since i dont even study like how my friends do, how sishood do, how the rest do and how the whole fucking world do. i have friends who studied so much they'd rather not sleep. that's pretty insane cos i would not give my beauty sleep away... but that's how hardworking people are now, definitely good for them. it's just my own fucking problem, cos i dont study in the day too. so you know, i dont make sacrifices like that, it'll surely be a miracle if i pass any subject including math. i mean yeah, but so what if i tried to attempt to date my shitclass, i know how good/bad i am myself the best. i dont know why but im not fucking scared at all lol so first paper on monday - chemishit. will see how low i can get, watch me. i'll top from the bottom.

fuck. i got to be serious. this aint a joke.
but tell me how..!! oh man this is crap.

June 24, 2009

Between the dust and the stars,

do you like my wall?
not a clear picture here. i'll post pics soon after i do something to the others.

cleared my wardrobe, it's really empty now. so some shall go to charity, and i'll give some away. and those that are pretty new shall go to either the flea or here, decided to create a space just to serve the purpose of clearing my junk and yeah because i need some cash.. idk how should i advertise or get people to buy but yeah, i thought i shall at least post the link up here. dont ask why the url, unless yours is black.

June 22, 2009

But these things take time love. These things take backbone.

happy birthday ma!

we felt bad for changing her actual plan to go out with the rest of the council, but yeah we were just hoping to have some time to spend with her on her big day, many apologies to those who have to put up an act i guess. saw ourselves at clarke quay last night after many failed plans, we managed to find ourselves a spot by the river, and then danced wonder girl's "nobody but you" and i swear it's my first time listening to the full song lol, i've never seen the music video before as well. am not really into a group of korean girls singing like that, but yeah, will do it just for my ma! hahaha alright so minz taught us the dance ten minutes before ma's arrival lol
felt bummed with the failed plans intially but you know, everything's worthwhile to see a smile on ma's face at the end of the day. we're really glad that ma liked the whole thing yup :)

oh and we had many interesting encounters last night before meeting the birthday girl, be it the change of plans or the many weird individuals we managed to bump into. this one's epic, we met this dickfucker old man. i can remember the whole shit clearly even till now. so we were standing at one end of the underpass, the underpass leading to homeclub. yeah, just standing around and discussing what's our plan next for ma's birthday, and we were even intending to approach that old man who's playing the guitar, to play a happy birthday song later on or something for ma. oh and btw, he's not the same usual guy you'll see every saturday, i dont know who the hell this man is, but yeah he's not the usual one.. we reached there for just a few moment, and that crazy fellow went shouting at us, telling us to fuck off and dont stand in his way because we're affecting his oh-so-wow business. oh fuck. i dont fucking care if that man is drunk or not, that's just..insanely insane! i mean we were just standing there, and no, we were not making a lot of noise or what. then again, does the underpass belongs to him, or his dad? fuck! the next thing, we started picking out words of swearing from him, wow he cursed us all. well done. he put his guitar aside and fucking stumped towards us and shouted something like so what if you're a chinese, so what if yall are girls and so what if yall are educated. i swear, we were so burnt inside. wtf is your problem, clumsy old shit. and here comes the most ridiculous part, he threatened to call the police to arrest us all. oh wow lol, i felt so threatened. natural instinct told us to
1) walk away
2) stare back
3) and to return swears
did all three. we tried to chill, we're civilised people yo, but that freaking old man is way off a fucktard, the guys cant help but to swear back at him as well. it wasnt a pleasant sight, since quite a number were actually seeing through the whole thing, but we dont really care. we knew that it's not us who's in the wrong, like seriously, we did nothing from the start. weird people all around.

June 21, 2009

Weighing our hands down,

removed my tagboard, such a waste of space. but dont be sad, you can still comment, in case you're not aware of that. llooll.

today's just another use-com-slash-sleep-in-slash-eatandeat-slash-just-sit-there-rot-and-do-nothing day. i enjoy life like this, or is this life at all? oh man i'm weird.

happy birthday dad, and happy fathers' day too. loveyou daddy..

i ditched my shitclass, yeah today's the official one. a pretty short relationship we had together, i'm really sorry for that. i was still wondering if i could find time for my lovely assclass, namely chem ass and econono. but just forget it. i'd rather keep my hands off anyone of yall, am not going to waste my time to entertain anyone of you.. you know, i got to be fair right, so scram. just scram off as far as you can, erm 'for now'. but i secretly wished for shitclass and assclass to come back to me after block test two actually, idk im always contrasting myself. but if they do come back, i might love them wholeheartedly, and try my best to fall in love with em all over again. okay let's do it, let's play a game or something, what do you think?

what, you did realise i'm trying to find excuses for myself again? trying to convince whatever shit out of me. but seriously, what's more to do right now? waste your time panicking and crying over what - the time constraint or the amount of work undone? gave some thoughts and am not gonna do that! what for?? next week's packed with extra lessons, hints? not sure, but am not going to school except for monday's. i'm so sorry chongster... i hate to disappoint you, but im gonna do it again, this time round. i know i'm gonna top the class from the bottom once again, it's nothing unusual you realise. but please dont lose hope on me yet... dont.

June 18, 2009

Off The Deep End,

i dig this, love how andrew handles the high notes. here's the preview, imma gonna learn every single song lol? have a listen. favorite ones are permanent heartbreak, finding me out, stuttering and the first time (natalies song).
oh i'm a happy girlie because i memorized damned if i do ya already!!!! (L) wished my memory span for chem/econs/math whatever school shit would be as good, but nah.. how to even turn those to songs? or just anything catchy as hell. damned.

updates on dating with shitclass after two days: i failed miserably yesterday. i hate chuuu funcshit!!! but i'm going back in action after lunch...

June 16, 2009

Damned If I Do Ya (Damned If I Don't)

happy 18th antonio! or antoshit now. well yet another birthday celebration, everyone's turning 18 and kicking yo. alright antonio's house is amazingly huge, yes i was refering to his mansion-like house on my twitter that day, damn i'm like that frog from bukithoswee(is there any? if not, china will do)'s well man. like what wenshit and birthday boy blogged about, yes the drinking/cards session was dope, and same goes to the celebration. kudos to antoshit for playing a good host yo we had so much fun and findings and our tummies filled with some much yummies. ohyar after all that dope that night, we were not drunk but i got wasted and was pretty serious? i threw up not just once but four times, wow weakest link. four times at four different toilets by the way, i'm so in love with the house lol
pictures up at fb, grab em.

sunday saw me out, jamming for the first time. cool shit, felt like headbanging the way i do at home, but it'll be crazy, and weird. yes weird is the word. haha alright you can actually tell how noob i am from the previous statement, but still.... yeah. it was all cool even though i was late to meet the guys and i hate to be late(!) being late on the first meetup's nothing but just bad impression but hey i actually went out earlier than usual, but that damn bus just dont want to come pick me up. best, when three came together thereafter and getting lost at outram mrt station itself, lol win :) minz came all the way down to join me, together with her new love, taylor. lovedewww minz, like how i love to eat toufu and fried egg.

damned if i do ya (damned if i dont)'s hella catchy, cant fucking wait for the record. i've been saying this for so many times, but yes. and now, smartpunk dont accept my preorder for nothing personal, they dont allow shipping to singapore anymore, crap. but no worries, i'll still grab hold of that record, watch me. muahahahaha.

and i touched my file today, after fifteen years maybe. and i think i dont have to remind myself that bt2 is just less than 2 fucking weeks away, and i've not start studying yet, i swear. not exactly proud to say so, but still, yeah.. looked at what's tested for math, chem and econs. my mind's set, im just gonna study math again for bt2. sorry chongster, i wished i had tried harder when having a night alone with chem but he's just not appealing enough, i rather not have it.
i'm gonna date the shitclass this week, hopefully.
shitclass: inequalishit, binomial shit, apgshit, funcshit, differentiashit, macluarinshit, integrashit, DEshit, vectorshit, complex shit, pee and shit, probabilshit, distribushit, poissonshit.
full of shit. and poop.