June 22, 2009

But these things take time love. These things take backbone.

happy birthday ma!

we felt bad for changing her actual plan to go out with the rest of the council, but yeah we were just hoping to have some time to spend with her on her big day, many apologies to those who have to put up an act i guess. saw ourselves at clarke quay last night after many failed plans, we managed to find ourselves a spot by the river, and then danced wonder girl's "nobody but you" and i swear it's my first time listening to the full song lol, i've never seen the music video before as well. am not really into a group of korean girls singing like that, but yeah, will do it just for my ma! hahaha alright so minz taught us the dance ten minutes before ma's arrival lol
felt bummed with the failed plans intially but you know, everything's worthwhile to see a smile on ma's face at the end of the day. we're really glad that ma liked the whole thing yup :)

oh and we had many interesting encounters last night before meeting the birthday girl, be it the change of plans or the many weird individuals we managed to bump into. this one's epic, we met this dickfucker old man. i can remember the whole shit clearly even till now. so we were standing at one end of the underpass, the underpass leading to homeclub. yeah, just standing around and discussing what's our plan next for ma's birthday, and we were even intending to approach that old man who's playing the guitar, to play a happy birthday song later on or something for ma. oh and btw, he's not the same usual guy you'll see every saturday, i dont know who the hell this man is, but yeah he's not the usual one.. we reached there for just a few moment, and that crazy fellow went shouting at us, telling us to fuck off and dont stand in his way because we're affecting his oh-so-wow business. oh fuck. i dont fucking care if that man is drunk or not, that's just..insanely insane! i mean we were just standing there, and no, we were not making a lot of noise or what. then again, does the underpass belongs to him, or his dad? fuck! the next thing, we started picking out words of swearing from him, wow he cursed us all. well done. he put his guitar aside and fucking stumped towards us and shouted something like so what if you're a chinese, so what if yall are girls and so what if yall are educated. i swear, we were so burnt inside. wtf is your problem, clumsy old shit. and here comes the most ridiculous part, he threatened to call the police to arrest us all. oh wow lol, i felt so threatened. natural instinct told us to
1) walk away
2) stare back
3) and to return swears
did all three. we tried to chill, we're civilised people yo, but that freaking old man is way off a fucktard, the guys cant help but to swear back at him as well. it wasnt a pleasant sight, since quite a number were actually seeing through the whole thing, but we dont really care. we knew that it's not us who's in the wrong, like seriously, we did nothing from the start. weird people all around.

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