June 16, 2009

Damned If I Do Ya (Damned If I Don't)

happy 18th antonio! or antoshit now. well yet another birthday celebration, everyone's turning 18 and kicking yo. alright antonio's house is amazingly huge, yes i was refering to his mansion-like house on my twitter that day, damn i'm like that frog from bukithoswee(is there any? if not, china will do)'s well man. like what wenshit and birthday boy blogged about, yes the drinking/cards session was dope, and same goes to the celebration. kudos to antoshit for playing a good host yo we had so much fun and findings and our tummies filled with some much yummies. ohyar after all that dope that night, we were not drunk but i got wasted and was pretty serious? i threw up not just once but four times, wow weakest link. four times at four different toilets by the way, i'm so in love with the house lol
pictures up at fb, grab em.

sunday saw me out, jamming for the first time. cool shit, felt like headbanging the way i do at home, but it'll be crazy, and weird. yes weird is the word. haha alright you can actually tell how noob i am from the previous statement, but still.... yeah. it was all cool even though i was late to meet the guys and i hate to be late(!) being late on the first meetup's nothing but just bad impression but hey i actually went out earlier than usual, but that damn bus just dont want to come pick me up. best, when three came together thereafter and getting lost at outram mrt station itself, lol win :) minz came all the way down to join me, together with her new love, taylor. lovedewww minz, like how i love to eat toufu and fried egg.

damned if i do ya (damned if i dont)'s hella catchy, cant fucking wait for the record. i've been saying this for so many times, but yes. and now, smartpunk dont accept my preorder for nothing personal, they dont allow shipping to singapore anymore, crap. but no worries, i'll still grab hold of that record, watch me. muahahahaha.

and i touched my file today, after fifteen years maybe. and i think i dont have to remind myself that bt2 is just less than 2 fucking weeks away, and i've not start studying yet, i swear. not exactly proud to say so, but still, yeah.. looked at what's tested for math, chem and econs. my mind's set, im just gonna study math again for bt2. sorry chongster, i wished i had tried harder when having a night alone with chem but he's just not appealing enough, i rather not have it.
i'm gonna date the shitclass this week, hopefully.
shitclass: inequalishit, binomial shit, apgshit, funcshit, differentiashit, macluarinshit, integrashit, DEshit, vectorshit, complex shit, pee and shit, probabilshit, distribushit, poissonshit.
full of shit. and poop.


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